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10 Reasons Your Business Doesn’t Need a Custom Website

By Adam Duran
Digital Marketing Guide
Magnified Media

Many times website designers go with what they know, just like everyone. So if your website designer looks at every project as a unicorn, they will most likely recommend building a custom site for your business. But this is rarely needed - and in this article, we detail the reasons why you need to avoid this common practice.

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  1. You are not a unicorn. It is not 1996 and you are not the first dentist, lawyer, or tech company to need a website. Having their own “unique way of doing a website” is not going to help. Surprisingly, it’s definitely going to hurt you. And, it's going to confuse people who are going to visit your site. You have to understand that this has all been done before.

  2. Ties you to that designer FOREVER. You can’t make any changes on that site without the help of that designer because they are using a custom template to WordPress and it’s a house of cards. 

  3. You can’t make changes easily, nor can anyone else outside of that designer. It can be dangerous for you, as the owner, to make small changes like the hours, phone number, or anything on your website. If you have to go to your designer to make those changes and the turnaround time is 2 weeks, that’s not good. 

  4. Usually, a custom site is designed by a web designer who designs a site, then passes it to a web developer who is tasked with making it. This makes revisions, updates, or changes very time-consuming. The reason for that long turnaround time is that a custom site is usually designed by a web designer and they pass that design on to a web developer, usually from India. Unfortunately, any revisions or changes made by the web developer will be filtered through that designer first before it happens on your website. That is why a lot of times the turnaround time can be unthinkable. A lot of clients don’t know that when they are going to a web designer, 9 out of 10 they are not doing the work. They’re just going to offload it to somebody to who they have to explain it to. That can always be problematic and create more trouble. 

  5. Your site will quickly become outdated and insecure. It’s the nature of WordPress that it is constantly being updated and improved.  Your new custom site? Not so much! When you do these custom sites, you also have to understand that the backbone is still WordPress for most of them. WordPress is always updating and changing. It’s always trying to get more secure. But for your website, no one is spending time every day trying to improve it. It’s a done product. It can soon be incompatible with WordPress. And, if your custom site is not compatible with WordPress, you could wake up one day to your site being broken or hacked. It’s going to suck because you’re going to call that web designer first, who is then going to contact their web developer. The whole cycle starts again while your phone is not ringing. 

  6. Web builders like Divi, WP Bakery, Beaver Builder & even Wix make building a beautiful site for your business a breeze.  They’re faster to build, gorgeous, and easy to maintain. No one will be updating that custom site unless you’re paying for them. That’s a very important thing to consider. We recommend those paid website builders because you get notified when there are updates that need to be done with WordPress and you can do it yourself. 

  7. It can get expensive very quickly. Time and money are extremely important for every business! Your website can’t be down for long. You can’t have a developing time of 6 months.

  8. They take too much time to create! Changing out or moving away from these custom sites is also a time-intensive process because everything is custom. 

  9. Often custom sites have conflicts with plugins - plugins are necessary as they add functionality. If your developer doesn’t know that you are using those plugins, your site could look crazy or go down. 

  10. WordPress core updates happen - when they happen they can break the custom site. Those updates affect the plugins and the backbone of the site. If your custom site isn’t done correctly without all of that kept in mind, you’re gonna have a problem.


So, are you still considering a custom site? Before you sign a contract to build your custom site or hire an agency that promises the world and delivers nothing, please remember these 10 reasons not to go with a custom website. Or even better, take matters into your own hands and create your own website! As listed in the article, we recommend web builders like Divi, WP Bakery, Beaver Builder, and Wix for anyone who is looking for an easy-to-use platform that can be updated and changed easily. It also has the added bonus of staying safe from hackers and being constantly improved. Now go out there and show your business some love by getting yourself a new website today!

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