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10 Ways to Rank Your Business for Keywords Outside Your Category

By Adam Duran.
Digital Marketing Guide
Magnified Media

What do you do if your business doesn’t fit squarely into one of Google’s categories? Or your business isn’t ranking for the keywords you think it should be ranking for, the ones you absolutely know your customers are using - but not finding you?

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In this article, we detail the steps you need to take so you start ranking for those keywords!

1. Go to UberSuggest and search for the keywords surrounding your business. 

     UberSuggest is a website where you can search for keywords surrounding your business. It will generate

      different keyword suggestions for free.


2. Create Google posts - tons of them - using those keywords. They will disappear  to the public within a week but will be indexed in Google forever.

        Use the keywords from UberSuggest to make a bunch of Google posts and photos that people might use. Those posts are going

         to be there for 7 days and they will disappear from public view but, will stay in Google forever. 


3. Add the keywords to your Google listing description.

       Your Google listing description is the description of your business. You have 750 characters to make that description, 

        so make sure to add   the keywords of your business. It will signal Google that you want your business to be found with those keywords.


4. Update your Title tag on your homepage to include those keywords.


        Add those keywords to the name of your business on Google. This is kind of a black hat tip. It is something we don’t recommend

        for you to do but a lot of businesses are using it and it works! You can get a lot of visibility when you do this. It is completely

        against Google’s terms of service. But Google has never figured out how to find these on their own. However, if someone like a

        competitor reports your business to Google, they will end up suspending your business and you have to go through the

        re-verification process. 


5. Add those keywords to your schema on your location pages.

       Schema is a backend language that Google and other search engines read and understand. You can include those keywords

        in different types of schema on your page. People can’t see it, but Google will. Those keywords on your schema will help your

        Google ranking.


6. Create the main service page around that topic. Connect any new content about that subject to that page.

       Create a page that describes the service and add content. Make it a robust page. You can make an FAQ page or any content 

        about that keyword.


7. Start producing tons of content around those keywords. Listicles, FAQs, Stat pages around those keywords, etc. The more people come to your site and stay on it using those keywords, the more you will rank locally for them.

        You want to make sure that you are putting a lot of information around those subjects or keywords. You could try making listicles,

        FAQs, statistics, or fact pages about those keywords. The more people come to your site using those keywords, the more you will

        rank for them. 


8. Get your local networking partners to add your site using those keywords as the anchor text to your site.

       Build backlinks using those keywords. Ask your local networking partner to add your site using those keywords as an anchor text. 


9. Build citations and directory listings while including the keywords.

        Citations and directories are where your name, address, and phone number (NAP) are listed. There is always a place there

        where you can have a description of your business, so make sure to include those keywords in those directory listings. 


10. Don’t dilute your categories. 

        Adding subcategories to your Google Listing can dilute your message. You want Google to understand that YOU are the authority

        in your area for that keyword. Do not pick tons of subcategories.



*** Blackhat Tip - add those keywords to the name of your business on Google.  This is dangerous but unfortunately, it works.

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