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All About Listicles and Why Your Business Needs Them


In this week's episode, we delve into the mystery that is the "Listicle"!

You know the Listicle, it's one of those ubiquitous top ten lists you see everywhere!

Learn why you need to be creating them now for your local business!


Jamie:   All right, Adam!

Adam:   Hello Jamie. Another fun episode of local SEO in 10. Yup. We're still knee deep in this shelter in place, rural here in California. So, Oh boy, no real difference for your business. I mean, you sound like you're flying all over the country. Do sign up clients. That's true. I've been doing zoom forever, but it is very strange not to be able to go out to dinner. You know.

Jamie:   We never did that before.

Adam:   Hang out with, hang out with friends, et cetera. But anyway, what I wanted, this is actually a great time to be working on your business. And so that's kind of like the theme of this shelter in place for this podcast right now is to be thinking about different ways that business owners can be working on their business. So that way when this all is goes away, there'll be in a much stronger position than when the shelter in place started. So all that work can be done at home and online. So let's get to it. All right.


Adam:   So today actually I wanted to talk about something that is sounds kind of weird and that is listicles.


Jamie:   Eww.


Adam:   Have you ever heard, have you had your listicles check lately, Jamie?


Jamie:  Uh frequently, but not to,


Adam:   I'm not going to touch it. Okay. So I'm going to go on a listicle is actually something that you've all, all of us have been exposed to. It's basically a list, a top 10 list or you know, best, you know, seven restaurants in your town. It's a list that we've coined the term listicle and they're really powerful. They're really, really amazing because they require minimal effort to read and that's awesome. So they're short and they're sweet. So that, that's exactly what we want for anything online. And it gives answers quickly and succinctly. So for the casual user or basically anyone who reads on the internet, they want to just go topic, topic, topic, topic is irrelevant.


Adam:   No. Yes. Relevant. Yes. No. So a listicle will give us that ability to make such an article. And as this is a local SEO, a podcast, I want to give tips to help your local business use these listicles. To help your local presence.


Jamie:   All right. How about an example of one first?


Adam:   Uh so say for example your a plumber, you would say the top 10 things that you don't want to put down your garbage disposal. Okay? And then you would list them, put a little description about why a, you wouldn't want to put it there. Maybe some photos, some stock photos or something like that. And then you have an article.


Jamie:   Makes sense. You wouldn't go into the hall, the history of garbage disposals in the history of plumbing. And like every single other article seems to do when you're trying to have a solution.


Adam:   No! you can put that up, but at the, at the beginning you want to just in the, in your listicle, you want to make it short there. There's a bunch of things that I'll recommend that you do. But so say for, so first one that I want you to make, okay? So if you are, let's say, let's say your, Hmm, give me a job, Jamie. A service job.


Jamie:   Trapeze artist.


Adam:   Where's my blaster? That was a good one as a roofer. So as a roofer, what you want to do is you can do a top 10 article like this, top 10 best roofers in my city. So that way you can make a list of the top 10 roofers. Guess who's roofing company would be number one on that list, yours. And you could write a whole bunch of great stuff about your business. Go to your, go to some other roofing companies that are in your city. Go to their website paraphrase their content, put them on that list. And now you have a top 10 list that when somebody types in top 10 roofers in my city, there's a great chance your article's gonna going to show up in that, in that page. One of results. Why do we know this? Because if you do that right now, if you do that, most likely you'll see a Yelp page that comes up. That's one of the top 10, whatever. That's why. So you can see that the power of these Yelp does it basically for every category, for every job, for every, every restaurant, every, you know, if it's a poka restaurant or a, you know, a, a, a Pearl Tea establishment, all of those things. Yelp gives top 10 listicles. So you should too. And there's no reason not to in any business. Shouldn't do this.


Jamie:   Yeah. When you click on those, it just seems like they're not even relevant though.


Adam:   Well, make yours relevant. Of course. Make it, make it, you know, make it a real article. So you're going to be, your business is going to be that number one result. So you want to make it, you know, good. The other thing you want to do you can make a list of the top 10 problems that your customers have. Why do they give you a call? So you have that top 10 list and when you, each one of those lists, each one of those items on there can be another article. So how to solve that problem. So it becomes like a frequently asked question, but it also is a great way for you to, as a starting point for building better articles and better authority in your service and what you do.


Jamie:   Where, where do you place this listicle.


Adam:   Ah, so of course you'd have to put it on your website. So you have to have the ability to add pages to your website or you can talk to a designer and maybe they can help you, but most likely you can, if you, if your website has a blog, you can do it in there. There's, you know, added to your website. Is that okay?


Jamie:   Yeah. But could you just do a list like say on Facebook or on Yelp for example?


Adam:   No. So no, definitely not Facebook because most likely it won't ever show up on search results. You want to have your business be a part of it. You want to have basically the authority that that article gets you is people click, they find it, they click through to it. And that helps your ranking within Google if you put it on a, another site. Unless you're adding to that, like a, you have, you know, a local blog that you, that you add to regularly, unless you don't, if you don't do that regularly, you're, you're, you're just throwing stuff away. So on your website, it will always act as an authority building page building and site building article. So keep doing it. And actually what's crazy is you'll see these articles from, you know, like 10 years ago that, I mean there'll be page one of Google because they will have no competition and they've been there forever.


Adam:   So a great thing to do is top 10 best roofers in my city, 2020 or whatever that year is. So that way it's, it says to the visitor or the potential viewer that is the most recent information and that helps with the click through rate as well. Interesting. Okay. So another thing you want to do, you can make a list of the services that you provide. And if you provide three main services that then you can now use that to build a listicle about providers in your area who provide that specific service. So the top 10 gutter repair specialists in our area, something like that. So that way that's another service. And then of course, you are the top number one result. So in that list, when you make these lists, it's a great idea to use odd numbers. For some reason people click through better two 17 top whatever than they do for for it's, it's just a weird thing.


Adam:   So just pick an odd number. Fill up those numbers with a good quality results obviously. And that's, that's basically what a listicle is. It's really cool and they're really easy to make and they're really popular. So, ah, and then lastly, what I wanted to say is one thing that Google really takes into account when they're going to give your business a prominence over others is your geographical relevance. So you don't want to just do top 10 best roofers in my city. You want to actually do crazy things like top 10 best dog parks or top 10 best schools, or top 10 best landmarks. So these are all articles that Google sees as geographically relevant. So adding that geographical relevance to your site so that that's just another signal, Google, that you are a a member of the community and that you are local and that you are an authority. So mix those in there as well.


Jamie:   All right, that sounds really good. Very useful.


Adam:   Yeah, that's all. That's all I got for today unless you have any questions.


Jamie:   Oh, I've got a zillion questions, but we'll wrap it up there and I'll, I'll submit those online and that's where our listeners can also do so that our local SEO and 10 Facebook page submit any questions you have for our expert, Adam and yeah, we'll obviously rate review and make sure to share this podcast to anyone that you know, that is stuck in their businesses stuff, shelter in place. It's a perfect time for them to work on their business with listicles.


Adam:   That's right. Let's work on our business. See you later. Everybody.