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As per Yelp, This is our second loathsome involvement with this specific area. They have the most exceedingly terrible client administration.

First visit was over a year back and our server was pre involved rationally and took my significant other and my request off-base. To such an extent.. she never put in my request to the cooks. She at that point went on lunch without telling us and sat at a vacant table opposite us to do some take a shot at a PC (appeared to be homework). Our containers were unfilled, our starters never came my spouses inaccurate request. What's more, I wound up having the hors d'oeuvre as supper since I don't prefer to whine while "our" sustenance is being made in view of what would possible be able to finish up in it. When we whined after we got the hors d'oeuvre and my spouses nourishment the director apologized and had another server help us, who was verrrryy decent and unquestionably compensated for it in his administration and mindfulness.

This second visit (since it's the one nearest to where we live) my better half was hanging tight to be situated with our 1 year old. I expected that he would be situated immediately since there was nobody else in line and it was not occupied. I continued to the women room while he "gets situated". Be that as it may, incredibly he was never situated and had not been recognized. That area is exceptionally little so it's difficult to miss a 6 ft man with a wild 1 year old. We held up a sum of ten minutes before anybody even said "we will be with you in a min" and to finish it off the sluggish ass administrator was perched on his workstation watching us not notwithstanding venturing in to help us. We concluded that we would leave in such a case that that is to what extent it took to recognize us at that point I'd prefer not to have a similar encounter as our first visit.

We will never again be visiting this area. The one in Antioch is in reality much better with CS.

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