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Altogether appreciate Arbolado Park! It's presumably one of my preferred stops in Walnut Creek beside Heather Farms Park. It's found as far as possible up Treat blvd off of Arbolado drive. There in every case a lot of stopping accessible, and if both parking areas are full, you can quite often discover stopping in the city which isn't excessively far away.

This park has two play structures for the children arranged appropriate by one another with a lot of slides, playground equipment, swings, and other fun kiddie contraptions. There are open air tables, shaded regions, grill pits and lush segments all through. There's an enormous field directly alongside the play structures where families can setup for picnics or grills. I saw a gathering of individuals setting up slip n' slide's and little pools for the children today which I thought was extremely fun!

I just as of late found that this park has b-ball courts, tennis courts, and a different field for soccer and football. On the off chance that you are descending Arbolado drive from Treat blvd, you can get to the games areas by stopping in the main parking garage and strolling along the trail or stopping in the second parking area which is found appropriate by the second field. Here, you will discover bathrooms and drinking fountains too.

Maybe the most appealing piece of this park as I would like to think is that it tends to be gotten to through the Ygnacio Canal Trail. I totally love strolling this trail, and I have strolled from its beginning stage in Concord down to this park commonly. It's an extraordinary trail to walk your puppies on and afterward to unwind at the recreation center once you achieve it.

On ends of the week and Holidays, this park gets loaded up with individuals throughout the day. Nonetheless, the general population who visit this trail are exceptionally wonderful, and the recreation center is large to the point that you never feel like it's excessively packed. Arbolado park is a marvelous park to investigate in the event that you are searching for a decent park in the Walnut Creek territory!

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