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Are Website Builders Good?

Today, every new company needs to have its own website in order to have a strong market presence. No matter what type of business, a good website can create goodwill among consumers, generate better business, build prospects, and deliver strong marketing messages. Now, when it comes to taking your business online, you may be interested in developing a website. Business owners might even ask themselves, "Are website builders worth it? "The answer to that question is simple, as there are multiple website builders available today.


Website builders are designed to allow novice users to build different types of websites without the need to process design and programming skills. If you don't know if website builders are worth it, here's an overview of the benefits of website builders.


Website builders will give you every little you need to build a powerful website. A single professional service helps you to choose a domain name, register your business email address, and provide you with all the software you need to host, customize, and optimize your site. They are also known as Content Management Systems (CMS) because they offer easy content management on the website.


Every site builder has something unique to offer. While some are great at designing a website store, others are found to be better at hosting blogs. There is an explosion in the market of service providers. 


Below, let's take a look at some of the biggest reasons people decide to use website builders when creating their first website.


  • It's a quick and efficient way to get your site online.

If you have limited time, the web builder is definitely the way to go. Website builders are designed to make the construction process as quick and efficient as possible.


You start the process with a set of pre-designed templates and themes, ready to use tools and add-ons, and sometimes even pre-populated content. All you need to do is enter your own content and images and print them out.


  • Easy to create.

Website builders can be used by anyone with minimal computer knowledge. They allow you to create a website within a matter of a few hours. Every task is as easy as dragging and dropping as you want for your design. You don't need to learn more about coding and design to use website builders. Most popular website builders have a simple CMS layout that allows you to arrange the blocks of your website with the utmost ease.

  • You can start off with a very small budget.

Overall, website builders are an incredibly cheap way to build your website. Instead of having to buy a separate theme and potentially hire a web designer to build your website, you can do it all yourself for a low monthly fee.


Even with higher paid plans offered by some website builders, they're still cheaper than hiring outside help. Plus, a lot of web builders (like HostGator's) are bundled with hosting, domain names, and website technical support.


  • Support and management.

One might raise the issue of whether website builders are worth it when it comes to offering technical support. But in those aspects, website builders are absolutely worth it. They let you get in touch with technical support experts whenever you face a problem or a problem while using the product. The service providers will allow you to conveniently collect a ticket that is decided by the experts. In addition, it is extremely easy to manage your website over time. Not only does the provider provide support by the way, but making changes is a breeze. You don't have to make elaborate HTML changes, but you can simply use the settings to tweak and update the look of your website. From changing the color scheme, inserting images, deleting sections to changing font sizes, all can be done with just a click of a few buttons.

  • Website management tool.

If you're wondering if web builders are good, you should keep in mind that they're equipped with web management tools. Running an effective website requires these essentials to ensure the smooth functioning of your website. Subscribing to a website building service will give you access to a number of pooled tools, such as statistical and reporting integration, eCommerce, social media, and more. You can say that you get the best out of your website when you choose a website builder.

Does Your Business Need a New Website That Actually Brings in New Business?

Remember, when creating a website you have two audiences that are equally important: Humans and Google.  Most website designers stick to designing for humans. Why? Because the client wants a beautiful site first, and the designer is interested in making that client happy.  But unfortunately that’s where most designers stop.  Magnified Media designs sites for both Humans and Google. Why again you ask? The reason is simple - if you don’t make your site Google-friendly, it won’t ever get seen by Humans! Interested in seeing what we can do for your business? Schedule your free Online Presence Audit now.

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