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3 Ways Your Web Designer Can Hurt Your B

3 Ways Your Web Designer Can Hurt Your Business

Your website can help bring in tons of new clients, patients, and customers to your business. But what if that's not happening? Well, chances are your designer may have made some very basic mistakes on your site - mistakes that most likely you will never see.  In this article, we detail the top three mistakes designers make on your site that can cost you thousands - and what you can do to avoid them. This is another must-read for any business owner with a website.

What Should I Do If I'm Moving My Business Address?


Planning on changing your address or adding a new location? Today we discuss the steps you need to take so you don't lose Google rankings and customers when you change or add new locations. Don't start with editing your address first, one pro-tip to mention is to make sure your service areas for your locations don't overlap!

What Should I Do If I’m Moving My Busine
What Do I Need on My Location Landing Pa

What Do I Need on My Location Landing Page?

One of the most common questions we get from companies with multiple locations is what exactly needs to go on each of our location's landing page. Well, since these are all individually connected to a different Google listing, they should be unique and show geographic relevance. How should we do that? Read on and find out how!

Help us Fight Spammy Google Listings with this Little-Known Feature!


Google has had a way for vigilant business owners to help curb the tide of fake listings for several years. It is the “Suggest an Edit” feature under every Google My Business listing. This article will show you how to use Google’s ‘Suggest an Edit’ feature and why it is so important for local businesses.

Help us Fight Spammy Google Listings wit
Website Designer - Walnut Creek - Google Maps 3 Pack Suggest an Edit

How to Use Google's Suggest an Edit Feature

If you are a business that sells services locally, appearing in Google Maps 3-Pack is THE most important thing you can do to organically increase phone calls, leads and customers. Unfortunately, some parties use spammy web practices to game the system. These fake listings are costing real businesses money by taking up prime real estate. In this article we explain how to use Google's 'Suggest an Edit' feature to generate more sales by helping ensure your business gets into Google's Maps 3 Pack.

Why Are My Yelp Reviews Disappearing?

Wondering why your Yelp reviews suddenly have disappeared? Have you noticed a bunch of your Yelp reviews have suddenly been shuffled into Yelp’s “Not Recommended” section in the last few months? This article will give you our take on why this is happening, why online reviews are still important, and what you can do to get those reviews back into Yelp’s “Recommended Reviews” section.

Why Are My Yelp Reviews Disappearing.png
The Local Marketing Secret Weapon: The Google 3 Pack

The Local Marketing Secret Weapon: The Google 3 Pack

Do you have a brick and mortar location? An area-specific service business? You need to read on for three ways to increase your chances of being in the Google 3-Pack, the top three business listings on page one of Google results! Being one of the three businesses to appear in the Google 3-Pack is very competitive and requires a great web presence.  Read more on how to get your business in this coveted spot here.

Meet the Lawyers that Profit from Protecting Photographer’s Copyrights

In the last 5 years lawsuits on behalf of photographers protecting their copyright images have exploded.  It’s no wonder considering the sheer amount of money that businesses are shelling out for intentionally or even unintentionally using photos from the internet; anywhere from $750 to millions of dollars - for one photo!  Is it really worth it to take the risk of using that easily grab-able image on Google? Read more here.

How Photographers Profit from Protecting

How Photographers Can Profit from Protecting Their Copyright

Are you thinking of using that beautiful photo you found on Google? Photographers take amazing photos, upload them to a few internet sites, then sit back and wait to see what businesses use them.  Copyright infringement letters demanding payment follow - and businesses do pay - many times in the tens of thousands of dollars - sometimes even more. Read how here.

Can Using a Copyrighted Photo Get Me Sued?

The law is clear - using a copyrighted photo can get you sued and statutory damages range from $750 to $30,000 plus attorney's fees. For an infringement to occur the copyright holder must have a valid copyright, the person who is infringing must have access to the copyrighted work, and the duplication of the copyrighted work must be outside the exceptions of fair use, face-to-face instruction, and virtual instruction commonly used by educators. If all the criteria are met, you can get sued. Read more here.

Magnified Media-Can Using a Copyrighted

Why Online Reviews Matter

Business owners often question if online reviews play any vital role - here are the top reasons why they are essential in growing your business.

What Are Google Posts and Why Should I Care?

Everyone knows Google is the best search engine in the world. If you’re running a business or thinking of starting one, consider using Google to your advantage through Google Posts.  Taking advantage of these features can be very beneficial for your organic search rankings. Why? Because they prove to Google that your site (and your business!) are reputable, engaging and meaningful destinations for your visitors. Read more here.

What Are Google Posts and Why Should I Care?
Seven Reasons To Hire an Online Marketing Agency

Seven Reasons To Hire an Online Marketing Agency

As your business grows, you may find it tough figuring out how marketing should be handled within your budget - plus, who really has the time?  Taking care of running your business is tough enough even with an in-house team to help! Here are seven reasons to consider hiring an outsourced marketing agency to market your business, save time and save money.

Want Your Business on Nextdoor?

Don't have your business on Nextdoor yet? You should, it is THE place for neighborhoods to recommend or blast your business!  Read 5 Steps to Claim Your Business on Nextdoor.

Five easy steps to claim business on Nextdoor
How strong is your Yelp game?

How Strong is Your Yelp Game?

Need more business from Yelp? Here are 3 Tips to Supercharging Your Business Yelp Page.

Get started connecting with qualified customers, clients and patients now by scheduling an audit with one of our Digital Marketing Guides.

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