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What Are Backlinks and One Easy Way to G

What Are Backlinks and One Easy Way to Get Them

By Adam Duran.
Digital Marketing Guide
Magnified Media

As a local business we need to grow our site's authority so we stand out and rank higher in search results.  One extremely valuable way to do that is with backlinks. In this article we detail what backlinks are and one easy way you can get them to your site! Special thanks to Steve Toth of SEO Notebook for this backlink building strategy!

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What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are a link connecting from a page to another. They represent a vote of confidence from those sites. If you have a business website, backlinks serve as a signal to search engines telling them that your content has value and authority. Remember, two of the most important ways that Google ranks your business are geographical relevance and authority. Backlinks are a great way to build authority in your category. In SEO, the more backlinks you have, the better.

One way that your competitor outranks you is that they may have been in business 10 years longer than you and they have had time to build backlinks. Those backlinks over 10 years carry power. You can purchase backlinks from websites like Fiverr or Legit. Some websites available may cost you $5 per link, and others may be more expensive. For example, if you are getting backlinks on Buzzfeed, it is going to cost you a few thousand dollars. Google does not recommend purchasing backlinks but there are no ways for them to find out if those are paid links or not.


How To Get Backlinks?


One strategy we found to be successful is from Steve Toth of SEO Notebook. It is a white hat or a good way to do it. Steve Toth of SEO Notebooks recommends you write an article on “100 Facts About (subject).” For that article, you have to do research on that subject and find 100 facts about it. You can include numbers or statistics. The article is going to be a numbered list of a certain subject. 

Article Format:

  • An introduction about the subject

  • After the introduction, include a numbered list/facts about the subject in H2

  • A paragraph or two under every fact

  • Make an infographic using Canva, pick at least 10 facts and put them in the infographic, and use it as an image on your article page

  • Make sure to have a list of sources, with the link to their website, where you got all of your facts and put it at the bottom of the page, and then publish it 


    The article is going to be a long page. You can do a schema if you want as well. You can also put a link to that article on your homepage. When other people are writing an article about this subject, they can include the facts on your list. A lot of times, people are too lazy to go to the original source, so they just go to your page and put up a link leading back to your page. 

    People might even use your infographic, and to look it up, simply search and see who has been using them. You can send them an email and ask them to put a link to your page on that infographic and most people will do it. It will definitely help your website/business grow. As that page gets older, it will gain some tractions that would help as well. 

    The main point of all this is to have links on other people’s websites to point to your site. It will give you the authority you need. That is all about the backlink strategy. It’s definitely a win-win. It’s free. And, it works!

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