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Baja Fresh

As indicated by Yelp, Unfortunately, since our first visit this spot has not improved...


The "National Friendship Day" advancement brought me into this area.


After what happened amid my visit, I lament that I visited this area and not a contender.

Lamentably, I got not exactly outstanding client administration by the two representatives behind the counter, who were progressively keen on conversing with their companions who were visiting them, than to respond to my inquiries regarding the new menu and to process my request.


I surmise they were taking National Friendship Day truly.

I needed to more than once get some information about the menu things, as they were too diverted to even consider giving me their complete consideration.


There were just two other paying clients at this area who were eating in, so it was not occupied by any means. However, it took more than 20 minutes to process my request. What's more, the representatives experienced issues handling my card through the register.


What compounded the situation was the point at which one of the male companions who was visiting the representatives wound up antagonistic toward me, and the workers did nothing to mediate.

Tragically there did not give off an impression of being an administrator on location to administer the representatives' conduct.

To add to the circumstance, the sustenance that was set up for me contained things that I had asked *not* to be incorporated, and which I didn't see until after I started expending the nourishment. Obviously, it gave me a stomach throb : (

I had a feeling that I was an unwelcome paying client at this foundation and that I was an optional need. With this sort of treatment and shoddy sustenance, for what reason would a client return?


On the off chance that you read the numerous other Yelp audits who additionally experienced poor administration and unappetizing nourishment, you may start to see an example.

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