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A History of the Blue Devils and Why They’re the Most Hated/Loved Corps in Existence


The Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps are legends in the drum corps community, located in Concord, California.  The Blue Devils are always a hot topic of debate through social media, YouTube videos, and forums alike, whether they are celebrated by hardcore fans or mocked by others. Critics of them say their show concept is intended to please the judges, not the viewer, while fans applaud the freshness and ingenuity of their show. Whatever the case, on both sides of the spectrum there are good arguments.


Critics can not deny the prowess of the Blue Devil in the world of the drum corps. Their 16 world championships and 99.65/100 world record high score shows that they are a talented group of staff and performers without a doubt. Nonetheless, these same people accuse the Blue Devils of being too transparent and not using enough graphics in their display design. The new criticism about their show is that in their series they used a K-pop (Korean pop) song. You can understand why some critics are bothered by this option of music for those of you who have ever listened to K-pop at any point. I Like You, by GOT-7, this particular song consists of a very high pitched voice in Korean saying "I Like You." This has never been done before in the drum corps, so it may take some time to get used to before being accepted throughout the fanbase. One critic complaint is that the Blue Devils, like other bodies, are not doing extremely difficult visuals. Much of their performance is to stand around or do some dance moves, making it easier to blast your horn at a high volume and win the genre of songs. Some have said that this tactic appeals only to the jurors, primarily accusing the Blue Devils of sacrificing the origins of drum corp entertaining the public.


The California-based Blue Devils has hardcore fans who come with them. Such people are the ones who uphold every step to the end of the Blue Devil. Although sometimes these fans may be a little rude, they still bring up some good points as to why they deserve what they get from the Blue Devils. Trying new ideas is the key to victory in the ever-evolving drum corps setting. We still implement these choices with utter precision, whether it's conducting a show based on randomness or making very unusual song choices, as with the one above. The fans agree with the choice about the point about the lack of graphics, saying the show designers know how to produce an entertaining show that still scores high. Whatever the case, with good reasoning, the fans of the Blue Devil defend them to the end.

Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps
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