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Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek, CA

Broadway Plaza, 1275 Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

This is a gorgeous shopping plaza. Parking is free within the first three hours. To avoid the hectic main street I take S Broadway and then drive by the Safeway to enter the parking garage that way.

This place sure has changed. I used to work here when they had that annoying ramp that separated the top floor.  I felt underdressed because this plaza sure makes you feel like you walked into some money. I came on a Monday night and there was plenty of parking. I did not do my research beforehand but had heard we needed to pay for parking now. I am glad the first three hours of parking is on the house.

I went to Macy's which was even more beautiful. They really put in work to make this establishment and I do understand why they have to charge for parking. Thisisyourgo to high-end outdoor shopping + dining mall.

They added new stores and a beautiful walking corridor and courtyard! Lots of new restaurants and shops and existing shops renovated! It's so nice and clean and there's lots of space to sit around.

They moved CPK across from the new Lemonade and adding Gott's where the Fresh Choice was, making that side more lively. They have also added new apartments around the area! Love the new Broadway Plaza


Good for kids? Yes!

Good for Dogs? On leash Only.

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