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This community park of 6.3 acres is a "hidden" gem that includes a picnic and barbeque field, surface court and play area for kids with a great play system for older kids. Experience the serenity under the lovely shade trees of the modern labyrinth. Play on a wide-open grassy area.


This park is a bit of a treasure in our opinion. Not super viewable from the street which is nice as it doesn't seem to attract huge crowds like some other parks in the area.  The park itself is beautiful with lots of dense trees and a really nice grass area. Overall it is a very well-maintained and clean park. It is also dog-friendly though use caution here. There is a leash policy but many people have their dogs off-leash here. They have a "take one leave one" system for poop bags. There are toilets but there are porta-potties which is not so great for kids.  The paths are clear it not paved so if you have kids and are using a stroller make sure it can easily move through wood chips and gravel. If you enter the park from Withers the playground and basketball court are both to the far right.


The playground is advisable for kids ages 5-12. You can bring along your toddlers and it would be just fine as long as you keep an eye on them. The equipment is high up so I wouldn't let them play unattended for long if they are under five.  The play structure itself has five slides and two dedicated rock climbing areas where big kids would love. There aren't benches in the play area but there is a nice retaining wall around it that is good for parents and caregivers to take a break for a while.  Overall a great park where your whole family will enjoy and you’ll keep coming back for sightseeing and creating for more memories. 



Rentals on weekends only with a maximum capacity of 30 people.


Not Permitted

Alcohol and Big Jumps are not permitted at this park.




  • Barbecue Area

  • Basketball Court

  • Picnic Tables

  • Playground

Brookwood Park
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