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Free Seminar: Become an Instant Authority - How to Build a Podcast Customers Will Love!


Date and Time

Wed, May 13, 2020

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM PDT

Learn how to create, record, distribute, publicize and monetize your very own podcast!

About this Event

Are you a business professional looking to expand your reach, grow your client base, and develop a following of evangelists eager to share your message with friends, family, and colleagues? Until recently starting a podcast had been a very difficult proposition; you had to have expensive gear, technical expertise, and pay for broadband distribution. Those days are over, and now it's time for business leaders to take advantage of the exploding number of listeners looking to connect!

In this webinar you will get an “over-the-shoulder” demonstration while podcasting veteran, Adam Duran, shows you exactly how to create, record, distribute, publicize, and monetize your very own podcast! You will learn:

• Where to host your podcast for free (and monetize it!);

• How to put together your first podcasting template (that you can use to create an unlimited number of shows easily);

• What specific (and free!) content creation tools you can take advantage of to get going quickly and efficiently;

• How to generate ideas for upcoming episodes;

• Why your show transcripts are gold for your website - and how to create them lightning-fast!


“I thought building a podcast would be a daunting experience, but working with Adam over the past two years on our weekly podcast has been a joy. I’m in the solar industry, and having a platform to educate future customers on the many pitfalls they should look out for has been one of the high points. I never tire of hearing a new customer saying “I heard it on your podcast!” Jamie D., President of Solar Harmonics & Expert on Straight-Talk Solar Cast

This 60-minute comprehensive webinar, normally priced at $299, is free for members of Victory Workspace and their guests.


About our presenter:

Adam Duran is the creator of Local SEO in 10, the podcast where business professionals go to for answers on growing their local business online - easily and quickly! Adam is also the Director of Magnified Media, a trusted online marketing agency focused on local SEO, digital marketing, website design, local search ranking and reputation management for small and mid-sized businesses throughout the country. In his spare time, Adam enjoys practicing jiu-jitsu and working as the volunteer director of Delta Education Foundation, which coordinates after-school classes for schools throughout the Delta region.

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