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Civic Park in Walnut Creek, CA

Civic Park Community Center, 1375 Civic Dr, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Perfect for the strolling little child and more established set, this is most likely my preferred park in the more prominent Bay Area. I cherish me the astroturf as it's simple on the knees and arms and other body parts when my baby faces plants into it. There are likewise two play structures! I wish the little child measured play structure was a progressively normal event at play areas around the Bay Area. I like having the option to give my child space to investigate and do his thing all alone yet when the stages are six feet up and he can't be trusted not to stroll off and break his neck? Better believe it, no, I need to regulate. It's a decent difference in pace to have the option to stroll close by him and let him have somewhat more freedom.

Two play structures additionally normally mean bigger, rowdier, kids remain on the play area that is their size and it permits the little ones somewhat more security. Notwithstanding the play areas, there's a water and sand table! This is my 19-month old's FAVORITE piece of this park... Things can get really emotional at the sand and water station among the little ones-particularly if people don't have a craving for sharing the water or any little arbitrary toys! It's decent to have for the sweltering summer days and the tactile play. Slap your little one's name on each sand toy they claim and take them down for an evening of water play!


Past that, the recreation center is immense the play areas and so on as well as there's a colossal green region, a group of swings (both for children and greater children), a train for inventive play, huge rocks for jumping on, and a library on the opposite end where you can get away from the warmth and have a little peaceful time before heading home. This truly is a wonderful park with loads of shaded territories and all that could possibly be needed space for huge amounts of children to go around and have a good time. I cherish coming here each opportunity I get.

Useful for children? Truly!

Useful for Dogs? On rope as it were.

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