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Register your business on Nextdoor

Many businesses forget about the importance of online reviews. Don’t make that mistake! Claiming your business on Nextdoor is extremely easy and allows businesses to see and respond to recommendations outside of their own neighborhood!


Step One: Simply head over to

Claim your business on Nextdoor

Step Two: After you enter your business name and address information hit find your page and it’ll bring you to a list of businesses that have names similar to yours. If your is listed, hit Claim.

Claim your business on Nextdoor

Step Three: After this all you need to do is tell Nextdoor if the page belongs to a business or an individual. In our case, this page belongs to a business, so we'll hit business on the left.

Claim your business on Nextdoor

Step Four: Once you hit continue you’ll get a popup screen from google maps to verify your location. If the information is correct then click on continue.

Once you’ve gotten that far all you have to do is sign up for an account. It’s free and easy!

Claim your business on Nextdoor

Step Five: Once you’ve created an account all you have to do is verify that you are the business owner.

Nextdoor does this by calling your business to make sure it’s you.  Be there to accept the call and you are golden!

Claim your business on Nextdoor

Congratulations! You’ve claimed your business page on Nextdoor. From now on whenever a customer anywhere on Nextdoor recommends your business you will receive a notification. Responding to and encouraging communication with customers is an excellent way to keep and grow your business!


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(Here is a map to our location.)

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