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How to Create a Google Review Animated GIF for Your Business

By Joseph M.
Digital Marketing Guide
Magnified Media

​It is extremely important that the emails you send to your clients, patients and customers is eye catching, especially if your in need of customer reviews. What better way is there to get your customers attention than a custom animated GIF? This tutorial will walk you through the process of creating your own GIF so that you can incorporate it into your emailing list. This technique is extremely important and helpful in getting your customers to write genuine, meaningful and impactful Google reviews.

Google Review for MM.gif

Want more Google reviews for your business? Here's how to create an animated gif you can use to generate more five star reivews!

How to Create a Google Review Animated GIF

First things first, we are going to need the free software "GIPHY Capture". This can be found with a quick Google search. This software will allow you to record your screen and transform the content into a GIF. Now open your business' Google page. Open the GIPHY Capture app and you want to make sure that the recording screen (which is tinted in green) is cropped exactly the way you want it. Press the record button and proceed to give your business a review (just like in the GIF to your right!). Stop the recording after you complete the review. Follow these export settings before saving:

  • Loop Type - Normal

  • Pixel Size - 640px

  • Frame Rate - Low


At this point we accomplished creating the main content for our GIF, but we still need to optomize the GIF for emails. A GIF can get very large and we need to be able to resize it to suit it for emails!



Google Review for MM.gif

How to Optimize the GIF for Emails

  1. Click on your search bar and type "

  2. Change the settings to "Remove every 3rd frame".

  3. Change Animation speed to 300 ms.

  4. Now click on "UPLOAD GIF" and select your file.

  5. Click "OPTIMIZE" (stats of the before and after files will be shown).

  6. Drag and drop to your desktop to save.

We've successfully optimized our GIF for emails!


Upload GIF/Follow Settings


Click Optimize


Stats After Optimization - Drag and Drop File to Desktop

Email Set Up

Easy enough, we can just drag and drop the optimized GIF file into an existing email. Now it's time for the finishing touches and putting the icing on the cake. We need to populate the email with links to your business' page on Google.

  1. Search your business name on Google and press maps (Use incognito to prevent Google from tracking you easily).

  2. Click "Share" and "Copy Link"

  3. Insert the copied link into your email.

Now your email has the animated GIF and links that lead directly to your business' Google page! Your customers will be able to click directly to your page and have a unique GIF to show them how it's done!


Copy Link

Insert Link

Share Google Page

Go check out the notes in our video tutorial for the actual email we use to generate tons more targeted reviews:

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