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Three words: FULL BODY WORKOUT. In case you're an accomplished climber or feeling bold, this is the spot for you. Huge amounts of ways to take from the stronghold shake entrance. Simply be mindful so as to focus on what they are set apart as "simple" or "progressed" on the guide. Make a point TO GET A MAP! In the event that you don't see one - head to the pool territory and ask the individual working at the passageway where they acknowledge cash for pool get to.

We began climbing around early afternoon which is somewhat of a mix-up in the late spring since it is truly Mt Diablo and hot as hellfire outside! Carry loads of water with you. If necessary, at the passageway of the recreation center, there is a huge amount of water fountains which is decent. Furthermore, there are spotless restrooms allowed to utilize. Another pleasant touch.


We wound up taking the Little Yosemite trail which is tight and soak. No bicycles permitted and wouldn't suggest hounds on this trail on the off chance that you bring yours. Between the warmth, sun blasting down on my porcelain skin and the sentiment of being lost... I thought I was going to go out from warmth depletion (sorta not by any stretch of the imagination). However, be careful with this trail as it is unquestionably not a breeze! There are a ton of steeds and cows along this trail so watch where you step or you may think twice about it!

A large portion of the trails here are steep - in the event that you have climbing shoes and a stick, carry them with you. I actually slid down one of the ways on my butt since I couldn't make the precarious decrease by walking. Dismal, I know.


I might want to have a go at returning here in the late spring around day break. Or on the other hand return later in the year when the climate isn't so outrageous for outside experiences. It's an extraordinary park. There's free and plentiful stopping and marvelous luxuries.

Diablo Foothills is a commanding portal to the delightful parklands of Mt Diablo State Park and Walnut Creek Open Space. The Foothills 1,060 sections of land are esteemed for their striking geologic developments, their general scenes of the San Francisco Bay Region and the provincial nature of the contiguous moving fields. Château Rock Recreation Area is situated inside Diablo Foothills park.

Useful for children? Indeed!

Useful for Dogs? On chain as it were.

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