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In Pleasant Hill, California, Dinosaur Hill Park (also known as Dino Hill) is a park. Located off Taylor Blvd, the park has 13 acres of open space, biking plus panoramic views. There is a small parking area accessible only by northbound traffic. From here a staircase and railroad tie steps lead to the top of the hill. The park is one of several Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District-owned and managed parks. The park offers good views of Mount Diablo and is popular on July 4 as it is possible to see several simultaneous (although distant) fireworks displays. The park has a panoramic view of Pleasant Hill, Concord, and Walnut Creek and the Diablo Range's northern reach.


Not a park in the traditional sense. Amazing view over the east bay and Mount Diablo. You can watch the Mount Diablo fire from the top of Dinosaur hill and it was (tragically) breathtaking. Best views are at night. It feels like one of those old-timey places that kids in the '50s would park and make out in their cars. Sometimes old people will be there doing just that. Shocking!!! Talk about reminiscing and just saying those were the days. And sometimes cops pull in to see what's up. 


In the past, there were high school kids who would stay at this park at night just to play with a ouija board up here on Halloween and freak each other out. On a spooky night, it does have that creepy zodiac killer kinda vibe. Isn’t it exciting? Or does it make you scared?


Dinosaur Hill is really more of an open space with no play equipment or designated facilities, and probably not the best for small kids as they might get bored. But those who grew up knowing this place, it would be nice to visit the place once again and relive one's younger years. 

Dinosaur Hill Park
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