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What Is The Biggest Disadvantage Of Using A Website Builder With Its Own

Prefabricated Templates?

What are website builders?

Website builders provide an interface for creating a website without any code or design knowledge. This interface includes the editor and the tools needed to drag and drop items such as headers, text, images, videos, buttons, tables, boxes, drawings, forms, etc.


Business websites need quality design, SEO coding and professional features. Last first impressions. More often than not, consumers will never visit your website twice if you have a cheap design.


The design of your site is not just for esthetic purposes, according to a study, 48 per cent of people believe that the design of the site is the number one factor in determining credibility. So if your purpose for this site is business, you should hire a web designer for higher quality and visual aesthetics.


Not Customizable

If you want a really good website, you need a professional experience. Most website builders are not custom-designed. Their free templates look generic, they may not work on mobile devices, and they do not have additional SEO features. Plus, if you need something extra to be effective, most of the time, it's impossible. They just feel and look inadequate if you're looking for a more professional layout.


No Domain Name

Free plans often do not allow you to use a URL of your own. You will be assigned a free URL to use that consists of your business name plus your own URL. For example, instead of, you're going to be stuck with In all, not very professional.


Slow Loading Time

While the look of your site has a lot to say about your credibility, that's not all. You also want a website that's going to load quickly. Sites built using free website builders load too slowly compared to more robustly built websites on paid platforms.



It's another big one. Many 'free' website builders will need ad placements on your site. This is how they justify the freedom of their offer. You're paying nothing, and they're going to serve their ads to your people. Some may even go so far as to inject the affiliate links to your page. You might get something for free, but it's going to take you down a notch or five in the eyes of your potential clientele. You might even lose a lot of people along the way who click on these ads, just because you thought you could save a couple of bucks.


Limited storage

Free and paid builders will limit your bandwidth and storage allocation, but with free builders you get a lot less. You may only have a few megabytes of storage to use, which will severely restrict you in terms of content and prevent you from hosting high-quality images or other media.


Poor Customer Service

Free builders don't come with the best customer support, so if you have a technical problem, you're pretty much on your own. The only thing you can do is consult the forums and ask for advice or pray that their support team will respond miraculously to your email.

Does Your Business Need a New Website That Actually Brings in New Business?

Remember, when creating a website you have two audiences that are equally important: Humans and Google.  Most website designers stick to designing for humans. Why? Because the client wants a beautiful site first, and the designer is interested in making that client happy.  But unfortunately that’s where most designers stop.  Magnified Media designs sites for both Humans and Google. Why again you ask? The reason is simple - if you don’t make your site Google-friendly, it won’t ever get seen by Humans! Interested in seeing what we can do for your business? Schedule your free Online Presence Audit now.

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