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The Importance of Boosting Facebook Post

The Importance of Boosting Facebook Posts

By Joseph R.
Digital Marketing Guide
Magnified Media

Is your business on Facebook? Do you need more fans on your page? Then you need to boost your Facebook posts!


A boosted post is a post from your business Page that, for a fee, can appear higher up on your audience’s News Feeds. The fee depends on how many people you want the post to reach—the payment depends on the number of impressions the post gets with time. To put it simply, you only pay for the impressions you get while boosting, and you can set a budget and a stopping point.


Whenever you post something on Facebook you have the option to share it to millions of different people like never before. The best part about facebook boosting is that you’re able to compartmentalize your target market easily and quickly.


This means that when you boost your Facebook post, it’ll only be seen by people that are statistically proven to interact with similar posts. In order for people to discover your business on facebook boosting your posts is essential, and when paired with a strong ad campaign, you’ll watch your facebook relevance soar to levels you may have thought to be impossible.


Boosting posts on Facebook is a worthy investment if you have content and products that can be enjoyed by a larger market of people, or have a local business that’s trying to get the attention of people in your city.


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