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Google Posts; A Vital Part of Your Local SEO Strategy

In this week's episode, we discuss Google Posts.
How business owners can use them to increase their local search results.

Adam: Hello, Jamie. All right, another exciting episode of local SEO 10. Woo. All right. I'm ready. All right. I'm getting lots of really great feedback on the podcast. Really. That's good to hear. Like who anybody we know. Oh, you know we did the last episode on Yelp connect and over to the people at Yelp and they loved it. So they they're really excited that we are investigating and talking about it and explaining it. So, Oh, good. It's a good feature. It needs some improvement, so I hope they do improve it. They're in the, in the process, you know, it's a, it's a new thing and so they're there, they have a lot more, a lot more coming back and they definitely appreciate the feedback. Sure. I mean, that's actually the nature of every platform that deals with social media. It's not a set in stone product.

Adam: Facebook, Google, Instagram, Yelp, all of them are working in the background that they introduce new things without telling anyone without any fanfare at all. They just throw it, it just becomes available. And so it, it's weird because people say, why doesn't this work? It worked yesterday and a lot of times it's because something is getting changed in the background. But anyway, it's, it's getting back to help connect. I love it. I hope that it gets it has the potential for being bigger than Facebook in terms of helping businesses grow. I lead off all my talks with my Yelp people have a, Yelp has a potential to be bigger than Google. Hmm. Well it does. In terms of business, I think it definitely has potential to be much bigger than Google. So hopefully they'll continue listening to more podcasts and Oh yeah.

Adam: And they'll reward us. Okay. Today I want to talk about something that is actually one of those features that Google introduced for businesses to connect with potential customers and current customers. Kind of along the lines of Yelp connect. And that's called Google posts. And so if you're a business owner and you have your Google listing, you've claimed it, all that stuff, you log in, you can see in your dashboard on the left hand side, something called Google posts and what those are. It's just another way, kind of like a Facebook post where you, where Google is allowing, trying to grow out, just like Yelp connect, trying to grow out this space where businesses are allowed to put up a special things about their business to attract new customers. So there's three or four different things depending on your business that you can put up.

Adam: You can do updates, you can do events, you can add an offer or you can add a product. Each one of those has its benefits. But in any case, if you're, if you have a business, this is something that you can create for free, for your business that will help if you correct. If you, if you create them correctly, they will help your businesses SEO. And that's why we're talking about it today. Okay. All right. So people always ask, what should I include in these posts? Well first you have to have some kind of visual content. So a photo, a graphic anything that's going to catch somebody's eye other than texts. So we want to have something visually compelling. Okay? So people don't like to read. Well, just like Facebook, whenever you put a photo post on Facebook, a smiling person looking directly at the camera that people react to that.

Adam: So more people, cat or cat or dog, anything that has eyes looking at you is going to catch your attention. So a compelling photo is what we always we always recommend. Okay. Then underneath that you want to have a keywords. So if you the reason this works with SEO is if you put in your keywords. So say you are a Boba tea restaurant. Like you, you sell Boba tea, so you're going to want to put the words, Boba tea and Boba tea, best BOMA, tea and fresh Boba tea and healthy Boba tea. Any, any of the, I don't know if there's such a thing, but anyway, any of those keywords that you think people will be using to search for your business when you put them in an update, that will help kick your Google ranking up within that local space. So we want to have those, those kinds of keywords. You can also, instead of a photo, you can actually put in a video. So if you have a video with a lot of quick cuts maybe some music, anything that can catch someone's attention. We want to, we want to use as our, our photo and for, for the text under it, you want to have keywords and you can write anything you want as long as you're happy with it. And it includes keywords. Make sense? Cool.

Jamie: Yeah. Well, who sees these posts?

Adam: Ah, okay. Sorry. I'll backtrack. When you look up a service you know, like a Boba tea near me or Boba tea in my area, or just Boba tea, Google's can a kickback that Google three pack results of those three businesses. Once you click over to one of those businesses, you're going to see on the desktop you can see their Google posts. So if it hasn't, if it's an offer or an event or an update, you'll see that information listed. Okay.

Jamie: So it's not necessarily someone that's following like in Facebook, this is something that that's going to show up on a feed anywhere. This is if someone is searching for a Boba tea near me that it, it's possible that they will see the business and the post

Adam: Correct. And those Google posts, you can have tons of them and once you have, and they are great and people from that, they, from those posts, you can click through to the website and Google considers that engagement, right? So that that helped. That's one reason you want to make it you want to connect each of one of those posts to part of your website. You can have it go to your, one of your specials, any part of your website. We want to make sure that it, it goes, it connects to your website. It helps with your organic ranking as well. Do the posts expire. So updates do expire events. You can set out an event, start it today and end it a year from now and it will be up there for that time. Okay. However, what we've seen is updates tend to be included on a search results more so than any event.

Adam: So we want to an update because it expires. You have to stay on top of scheduling these. So a good scheduling social media scheduling platform like HootSweet or a sendable or something like that, you can schedule out your updates. And so you can do every day, you can do a once a week. We recommend every day. And the reason is because any of those updates, they're going to have your keywords and those keywords, you know, it's great if you have a key word that somebody is looking for, cause then you, you're more likely to show up in those Google results. Interesting. OK. Yeah. that's a great one. The, the events can be one year out. Products products are, are a little different. That we're not seeing so many so much SEO influence but updates and events those you want to make sure that you're going to be adding to your business adding to those Google posts.

Adam: If you have a Facebook page and you are sharing out business Facebook posts, a lot of your schedulers will allow you to post on your Facebook page, on your Instagram page, on your Google post page. Now Google is open up their API so you can do that. Oh, very good. Okay. One kind of a weird tip, and this is in the SEO world the photos or the graphics that we use for Google posts, you can add you want to make sure that those graphics are named whatever your keywords are. So the titles of each one of those photos. If I'm a Boba tea place, I would title it best Boba tea in Walnut Creek. And then that's my, the title of my photo. And that will also help a Google does take in, we think Google does take that into account as well. Well, cause they advertise that that's what they're doing, right? These are all these are all tried and true methods that have that work. Now, I don't know if they're going to work 10 years from now because 10 years ago, Google looked way different than it does now too. So these are things that we know work today.

Jamie: Oh. And that's why everyone needs to listen to a local SEO and 10 every week.

Adam: Yes, I agree. And that's all. That's all, those are all the tips about the Google posts I can give you.

Jamie: All right, well it sounds exciting. One real quick last question. Oh, so if you have a post, is there a way that you can have it be posted in Google, in Facebook, in Yelp, in anything doing it one time?

Adam: Yes. So those, those social media scheduling platforms like Hootsuite or sendable, they'll allow you to post do the same post and then it will automatically post to all of those different platforms. One caveat is most of those aren't free so you have to pay for that service

Jamie: With the Google. If you have multiple locations, it appears that the post has to be done separately at each location.

Adam: Yes and or no, it's a good question. So if you have a franchise and Google has recognized it as a franchise, it will only allow you to post to the main franchise location. And then once it, once you post to that location, it is supposed to feed down to the other locations or feed out to kind of like how Facebook posting works if you have multiple locations for your franchise as well. For those in those cases, we want to make sure that your keywords, you can sprinkle in your keyword location names and that's what we'd recommend. But do follow the same strategy

Jamie: Post a lot. All right. Obviously it's a big topic, so maybe we'll revisit in a future episode. Yup. Good question. All right, I got plenty more so, okay. Well that's good for this week. Make sure to like us, review us and leave a five star recommendation on wherever you are listening to this podcast.

Adam: That's right. And go to our Facebook page. It's local SEO and 10 and you can follow us there. You'll be reminded when we post new updates and we'll take your future questions to be answered on future episodes there.

Jamie: Beautiful. Sounds great. Thanks everybody. Bye everyone.