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The unique feature of the Heather Farm playground in Walnut Creek is a set of artificial-turf covered mounds that children can slide down on sheets of cardboard. The park is a great destination for all ages. From a stroller-friendly walk around the pond to a well-placed bench for grandparents to sit, it has a lot to offer, and as it's a newly opened playground, it's all in tip-top condition.


They have a big parking lot which was crowded when we arrived but we were lucky to get a parking on the street next to the tennis courts which is a short walk across the street and grass area to the play structures the restrooms seemed to be a far walk from the play area the vending 


The extraordinary element of the Heather Farm play area in Walnut Creek is a lot of fake turf secured hills that kids can slide down on sheets of cardboard. The recreation center is an extraordinary goal for all ages. From a baby buggy agreeable stroll around the lake to a well-set seat for grandparents to sit, it has a ton to offer, and as it's a recently opened play area, it's all in tip-top condition.

They have a major parking area which was packed when we arrived yet we were fortunate to get a stopping in the city alongside the tennis courts which is a short stroll over the road and grass zone to the play structures the bathrooms appeared to be a far stroll from the play territory the candy machines were out of everything so carry your water or snacks with you in the event that you believe you will require a beverage after all the playing you will do.

A few luxuries that Heather Farm Park are Swimming at the Clarke Swim Center, tennis, cookout regions, network focus, equestrian focus, skate park, bicycle ways, all capacity play area, tot parts, sand volleyball court, angling lake, nature lake, six athletic fields, bathrooms, association with the Iron Horse Trail.

Heather Farm Park additionally offers an off-chain hound park with the goal that your puppy may wander unreservedly. There are 3 little slopes for the kids to slide down on with cardboard.

A lot of pleasant size cardboards everywhere throughout the region to utilize the youngsters truly delighted in sliding down the slopes and had a great time with different children.

It was decent to be at a recreation center where all kids were coexisting with one another and the guardians did not think they were over the other parent's everybody was so well disposed here and truly were there for a decent pleasant outing at the recreation center

By and large, this park is stunning! They have such a great amount to do here and we experienced such a significant number of benevolent individuals nobody was impolite to one another here and the children all common with different children. They have a major play region for all ages there is a little play region for the more youthful kids and a decent size play territory for the more seasoned center youngsters. I truly was inspired that the guardians were really getting a charge out of the recreation center with their youngsters as opposed to being daydreamed on their telephones and not focusing on their kids.

Useful for children? Truly!

Useful for Dogs? Completely!

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