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How Can Featured Snippets Help Your Business?

In this episode we discuss Featured Snippets and how you can use them to increase your results on Google.  A featured snippet provides users with a concise, direct answer to their questions – right on the Google search results page. Formatting your site's most popular pages can result in more real estate in search results, so this is another excellent way to get in front of new business opportunities. 

Jamie:    All right, Adam.

Adam:    Hey, Jamie,

Jamie:    Man, I can't wait for this one. Local SEO intent.

Adam:    Alright, we're coming in.

Jamie:    Yes. All of the recent podcast. I can't not take notes fast enough to write down all of the cool stuff that you were talking about, but it is working.

Adam:    Good. You can listen again.

Jamie:    I do, but you talk, so anyway, go ahead. What are we talking about today?

Adam:    Yeah. Alright. Yeah, we only have a few minutes. So today I'm going to talk about something that all of us have seen all of us have used, but probably you don't know what they're called and those are that's featured snippets. Ooh. Yeah. Featured snippets on Google. Basically it's on the, it's actually on the search results and what they are. It's a format it's supposed to provide the best, most accurate and easy to digest information about a search term, right on that, on that page, one of Google right in the results. So that way you don't have to click through, to go through to that page where it's from and actually go through the, all that information. So you've, you've definitely seen that people also ask that's a version of the featured snippet and all of that information. Google pulls that information from what Google thinks are highly authoritative websites about that question.

Adam:    And so how we can leverage that for local businesses is it's actually pretty cool. And, and instead of being the number one result, if you can aim to be, you know, just on page one and Google will many times reward you. If you're, you've done everything properly with a featured snippet, and what that'll do is it'll give you two results on that page, one of Google, and it makes your listing look different. And whenever something looks different, that means it gets more attention and more attention means more clicks, more clicks, means more business. So that's what we're all we're trying to do here. That's that, that is the ultimate goal here is to basically get more eyeballs on your business and then grow it through the internet. Can you give an example? Sure. So if you type in, you know, how to change your oil, you'll see a featured snippet will come up and it'll say, it'll repeat that question. And then it'll say one open your car.

Jamie:    Sure. Do you know how to change your oil?

Adam:    I do. Thank you. That's right. So first turn off your car, pull over to the side of the road call the mechanic and then get on with your life now. Basically there's three kinds of results in those featured snippets. There's a paragraph, a result, a list result, and a table result. So each one of those adds benefits. I personally like the list results, cause it's all bullet or bullet numb, like numbered that those are much more accessible, but you know, if you have a simple, a simple question, why is grass green? If you type that into Google, you'll see the first result will be a featured snippet. And then you don't have to go through and click on any website. Google gave you the answer right then. And once again, there's a reason why Google wants to provide these. Yeah.

Jamie:    They want more ad revenue for one.

Adam:    Yeah. It's all about keeping you on Google. So it's the rise of the no click search is what a it's turned in our industry. So Google giving tons of information, useful information means people won't go actually click to the website that your farm they're farming that information from. So what I want, how we want to use this a few podcasts ago, we talked about your favorite topic, which was listicles. Those are your top 10 lists. And now when you do a top 10 list or you do something that has a large, large click through rate to your site, that's a perfect page to start building a, your featured snippets on. So what I mean by that? So a top 10 list is a, is easy to do. Or if, it's say for example, a webpage just about the history of your city.

Adam:    So I know it seems weird, but that history of whatever, whatever city that will come up in search results, if you do it well, and once you do and your top 10 list as well. So once you do those well, they bring traffic to your site. So you're you, you're building authority with that page. On the bottom of that page, we want to have a list of questions. And right now, big trending topic, probably, you know, Jamie, what is a big trending topic in the world?

Jamie:    Black lives matter.

Adam:    Thank you. Yes. And COVID, so if you're in the home services field, you probably want to have some questions about how people social distance, when you know, you're on the roof, fixing their roof. So have keywords in, in your questions, basically. You, sorry, I'll let me, let me back up for these featured snippets, a really good way to do this is with a Q and A format, a question and an answer. So if you have a list of questions and answers on the bottom of that, listicle, that gets a lot of people that will help those questions and answers show up as featured snippets. Okay.

Jamie:    Yeah.

Adam:    So having a, and you want to make sure that those questions and answers aren't directly related to your business. So they're not going to be all about my business and how we do. So if we're a general contractor, you're going to, you can write a question, like how does a general contractor meet clients during COVID 19?

Jamie:    Yeah.

Adam:    So this is a question that in local search probably is common. And maybe a, what it's going to do is if you have that question and that answer in general, so this is how we do, or this is how it's done done, duh, that question and that featured snippet has a greater chance of showing up in the top of the results. So super powerful. I highly recommend every time you do a listicle, now we're doing a bunch of questions, common questions, and answers related to that. Listicle in some way, but also formatted in that Q and A format.

Jamie:    Beautiful. But it's it, I can definitely see some amazing potential.

Adam:    Well, these are really cool. And what they do is they leverage that awesome results of that listicle that you put together that top 10 list, and they kind of take that and level it up. You know, they put that on steroids. And then what that does is those featured snippets come up and they're seen by more people and then they're clicked through, by more people too. So they're great.

Jamie:    Well, and I, I imagine Google appreciates it too, because it now kicks your, you know, it gives information to the person searching without them having to click over and say, Oh, it's just the ad or they're bombarding me with anything. And yeah,

Adam:    Well, we do want them to click through, so we do want to have your last question and answer would be, how do I find the best general contractor in my area? And then you would say the best, you know, you could put in a little blurb about you and your business, and that is definitely, you want them to associate your business name with whatever they're searching for. So that can help. Definitely. but you, yeah, what you said is true is they kind of in one way, dissuade people from going to your result, because they've had the answer, but in another way that actually encourage the, the, your name and they encourage your authority and that people do click through to read more. So it, they're very powerful, that's it? The whole idea is you want to start thinking of how to grow your business online.

Adam:    And this is another way that you can do that. Couldn't Hawaii. Yeah. It definitely could help a lot. So some some good questions you can start off with are like something like here's how to, here's how to find the best general contractor in San Francisco, for example, and then have, you know, these are the, how you find us. Basically you can go through like that or during COVID-19, how does your restaurant protect its customers, something that, or how does a restaurant protect its customers? The last one we want to do is that we've noticed our people have noticed definitely is summary colon. And then here's your ordered list. So how do you do whatever, whatever summary, colon, and then have the whole list of step-by-step, how to do that. Google loves that word summary. And because then they know there's an ordered list right after that. And that ordered list is it's Google juice. They love it.

Jamie:    Nice.

Adam:    All right. Lastly, if you know we also did a podcast on schema awhile back. There is an FAQ schema, which takes a little more effort, but it also what that does, if you use that FAQ schema in the background of your pages, it's like, spoon-feeding Google that, that big giant baby exactly what he needs and the baby loves. It just wants more because it's giving Google exactly what they want in the exact way that they want it. And so making that schema, that FAQ schema for your pages also is a, is a, if you can do that, then that's what we recommend too.

Jamie:    We also know the big baby loves its NAPS.

Adam:    Yeah, that's a good one. We'll we'll continue that one at another time, but yes the name address, phone number is also super important. You want to also remember that there should be an image on your page for whatever listicle that you're doing or whatever page that you're doing in WordPress, it's called the featured image. That image will be shown a lot of times in that in that featured snippet. So you want to make those each page have a unique image. So it's not the same, and it's definitely not your logo for your business because then Google won't put that up there. That'll actually hurt your featured snippet. So stay away from your logo, have a great image up there. And you will be rewarded with featured snippets. And they're really cool. So there's, there's, it's, it's a no brainer to try and get some of them.

Jamie:    Well, that sounds great. And it sounds like a good spot to end up. Any other super important things you want to tell us at the end?

Adam:    Nope. That's all featured snippets. Okay.

Jamie:    All right. Well, if you got someone that loves Google rankings and wants to improve their business by using Google, you definitely need to share this podcast with them featured snippets, naps. Of course, everyone loves naps and all the other episodes, all the topics covered by other episodes makes a huge difference. Just for an example, I did a search for a best solar podcast. Guess what came up? Number two pretty awesome. Solar casts. And now it'll be number ones that's been on this podcast. So like that Google baby, Google baby. Don't forget the bourbon anyway, but anyway, share make sure to rank and review this site to give us a thumbs up five stars, wherever you're listening to it and make sure to share it around. That's how this information will get shared.

Adam:    Awesome. Thanks a lot, everybody.