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How Can I Get Business for Free With Facebook Groups?

In this episode, we detail the best strategies for reaching new customers through Facebook - for FREE! How? Through local Facebook groups! Remember some general guidelines while in groups: Do - respond with insightful comments. Don’t - be disrespectful or complain about others.

Jamie:    Ooh. Yeah! Alright. So excited for today's podcast. That's gonna be my new thing. It's macho, man.

Adam:    I think he is the only one who's allowed to do that.

Jamie:    Oh, alright. Maybe I'll move it over to the holster. Anyway. Kamala Harris died. No, no. Yeah. I know. Well, not that bridge.

Adam:    All right. Thank you. Welcome. Welcome.

Jamie:    Welcome to everybody. Another edition of local SEO intent.

Adam:    That's right. Coming at ya coming out. Right. So today's super exciting topic is....How can I get business for free with Facebook now? I know what you're saying is that you can get business with Facebook by paying, but you're like, wow, I've heard of this Holy grail of free, free money for you on Facebook. I wanted to explain a great strategy that you can use to get actual business and, and projects coming in through Facebook. But of course, instead of paying money, you're going to have to put in some time and effort. Okay. All right. So if you don't know, Facebook is a social networking platform. Okay. Well, so if you don't use Facebook probably should skip to the next step podcast. Cause I'm not going to go into what Facebook is other than that. So I'm going to, we, Jamie and I are going to assume that, you know what Facebook is that you use it sometimes that you understand how to use it and that you have more than three friends.

Adam:    Okay. So what I'm talking about here, when you're, when you, one of the cool things about Facebook is there are local groups. So wherever you're located there, I guarantee there is at least one, maybe two, maybe five local groups that are very active in your, in your community. And those groups are full of people, always asking questions or complaining, but usually those are like the rant and rave groups. So you can stay away from those, but they are asking for recommendations. They seem never to know what the search function in Facebook is. So it's the same questions over and over and over. So you should be joining those groups as a business owner. Now, of course, if you're a restaurant or a caterer, this is a good place for you. If you're a general contractor, this is a great place for you. Any, any kind of home services, insurance what's that?

Jamie:    Handyman.

Adam:    Handyman insurance these are all places are all group. These kinds of groups can be really, really a big moneymakers for you. So how do you find them? You can just go to the Facebook search bar and type in the word groups, Facebook. The next page that opens up will they'll have a link at the top of the page. It'll say, discover on Facebook. So click that button. What you're going to see, what Facebook is going to do is show you the active groups in your community. They'll do a lot of different stuff, but one of the ones is in your community or near me. So you want to take a look at those groups that are near you see how many members that's really important. So if it only has 10 members not worth it, but I know in a where I live, we have groups with five, six, 7,000 people.

Jamie:    25,000. Yep.

Adam:    Yeah. I mean, these are active groups. And so you want to also make sure that those, you can see the posts, the N the activity listing. They're really important. You want to have a group that doesn't post once a month. You want somebody an active group that at least has 10 or 20 posts per day, because those are all active questions and you could be providing the answer. Now that's step one, right? So you've joined out. You're going to join those groups. Next. You're going to talk to some other business owners who are in those those, those same kind of professions that I talked about earlier, the home services. Now you obviously have to screen them. They have to be able to use Facebook. They have to actually use Facebook. They actually have to, you know what Facebook is. So those are the first three questions that you can ask them.

Adam:    All right. Then you buy, you can get them to buy into this. So you can create a little cabal. If you have a business, a group, a little secret group, you can do it with your own employees, too. You can totally do it with your own employees. But I like the cabal that, that kind of little secret group that you can make of other friends, you know, 10, 15 friends on Facebook that are other business owners in those areas. Okay? So then you have a, you know, Facebook has a messenger part that you can, you can make a message or messenger message group. And then when you see a post that you can recommend one of your other cabal members, and you do that. So you recommend, you know, Hey, Jamie has, you know, you can basically, you can ask the person, Hey, how can I recommend you?

Adam:    Get them to write it out? Then you copy and paste that over. When somebody says, Hey, I need a great I need somebody to install my ceiling fan, then, you know, Hey, my friend Debbie, she's an awesome handy person. And she can do the job, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Next, you have to have a protocol. So once you recommend Debbie, Debbie, can't just not do anything. She has to respond. So first, you know, you, you recommend Debbie, then you notify Debbie. Hey, Debbie just recommended you on this group. Take a screenshot of that, send it into that group message. Debbie sees that. Woo. Debbie goes to that post. Thanks you. Hey, thanks Jamie. For recommending me on that for this job, this is totally right up our alley. We do these all the time, then what's the next thing Debbie does. What do you think, Jamie?

Jamie:    She, a private messages the person who posted.

Adam:    Yeah. That's the motto man would say that's right.

Jamie:    That was sharable.

Adam:    The message remains the same. Okay. So you want to have, Debbie's going to private message that person and say, you know, Hey, this is my company. Here's my Yelp page. Whatever. We'd love to set up a time to meet you. The last thing Debbie is going to do is she's going to respond to that post right underneath sheet, where she thanked Jamie, she's going to say, Hey, original poster. I just sent you a private message, make sure to respond. Okay. Or you make sure to check your messages. A lot of times, people on their Facebook settings, they have them set. So people messages from people that they don't know don't show up. So they actually have to go and search for a message request. And once they do, they'll see that message. So you just, when you respond and say, Hey, I sent you a private message that kind of puts social pressure on that person for responding.

Adam:    And just for checking that message. So that really, really, really does lead. I've seen it lead to just in the past six months, more than, I don't know, $400,000 in sales. I mean, these are these cabals that I've helped create. They work really well. And when you all support each other you don't overwhelm that original poster, but you do kind of sprinkle in. Yeah, Debbie's awesome. And then you wait another, you know, somebody else recommend somebody else and then no, Debbie, you don't say, no, you say Debbie's really, really good. She did this ceiling fan, here's a photo. So you make sure that Debbie, her reputation is awesome. And that also hits to people who are just seeing that post. So that helps I've seen jobs go where it's not just the original poster contacts, that person, but more, several people all from that one post, it, it really works.

Jamie:    So two things, does this affect the SEO at all?

Adam:    No.

Jamie:    Uh

Adam:    But it does help you get business. And not really. It does say if you put their like their, their website address on that, that post and somebody clicks over. Sure. That does, that's a social signal. But you know, I'm all about business here too. And this is a local tactic that it's tra it's, it's, you know, it's done all the time and it's, it's a it's if it makes money, then Hey, that's okay. If it serves people, Hey, that's what we're all about. Serving. And then yeah, having business owners be able to serve the needs of you know, the community, that's what we want


Jamie:    I've also seen the opposite as well, where people will say, Hey, who do you know to install ceiling fans? They say, whoever you do do not use, Oh, no, George,

Adam:    His ex husband. George. Yeah. He's off the list. Yeah. Well, I

Jamie:    Mean, and then, I mean, c'mon, I can't imagine when somebody's posting that about my company, but I've seen it many, many times. And it's, very sad.

Adam:    If that happens to you, you want to, you know, kind of, kind of, it's always nice to have a cabal, a group that can come to your defense and then you show up and say, Hey, you know, what's the problem I can totally, you know, you can kind of address that. And if you have a cabal, always working for your, you know, to protect your reputation on these social groups. Cause like I said, they can have anywhere from 2000 to 25,000 people can be seeing that. Yeah, it can, it can really hurt your business too. So why not, if you're part of those groups, make something like this and start, you know, start seeing if it works for you. And then I know it works for us.

Jamie:    Nice. Yeah, it's too bad. It doesn't help SEO. Maybe Google will one day

Adam:    And my company doesn't make any man.

Jamie:    Anybody. I know, it sounds like it's really just for home services, something to do with. Cause it tends what I've seen with Facebook in those groups is that it just tends to be people who do not work.

Adam:    It's a lot of moms. So, you know, if you're looking for a, if you have a tutoring company and an afterschool class or something like that, and any of those services insurance can be big. I've seen insurance. One of our friends, he owns an insurance agency and he's gotten thousands and thousands of dollars off of these groups from these groups being recommended on these groups. And then people see those recommendations. They give him a call. Boom. Nice. That's easy. All right. One thing, one last thing I want to say is if you're going to be on these groups, you know, be respectful, respond with insightful comments, don't just go no duh dummy or something like that. You know don't be disrespectful or complain about other companies. You know, don't be political.

Jamie:    I find this insulting to our listeners as well.

Adam:    If this is not, you feel free to skip to the next episode.

Jamie:    Alright.

Adam:    If this is you and you're on Facebook, one last thing I also want to want you to do is sanitize your personal profile. Make sure that you're not putting a whole bunch of political stuff up there. Cause people can, you know, once you're tagged in that, if you're a member of that group, they can click right over and see, you know, if you don't pry, if you don't make your post private or secret or anything, then yeah, you don't want to offend anybody and you definitely don't want to antagonize anyone,

Jamie:    But it never ceases to amaze me. When I see a you know, like super, you know, say white supremacists recommending a tow truck company or something like that. Hey, all right. Those kind of endorsements.

Adam:    No, thank you. All right. That's all I got for today.

Jamie:    Oh yeah. All right. So this week, make sure to, if you know someone who's on Facebook and they're a business owner, this is really, this podcast is perfect for them because they could really help a ton of, you know, in this one, you know, givers gain for sure, because you give out a lot more recommendations, then you get back. So make sure you are recommending businesses, especially the ones that, you know, even, maybe you don't know them, but you really support that business in this COVID time when small businesses are just getting, you know, leaving by the hundreds every day every small business could use a recommendation.

Adam:    Hmm. Definitely.

Jamie:    Make sure to share and review this podcast, give us five stars and we will talk to you next week with something even more exciting.

Adam:    Thanks a lot, everybody.