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How Can I Get Yelp Reviews for My Business?

In this week's episode we break down:
How you can get more Yelp reviews for your business without breaking Yelp's Terms of Service.

Remember you should never ask for Yelp reviews!

IF you do and Yelp finds out, your business could get banned.

Adam:    All right, Jamie. Great. I like the energy. All right. We have plenty of energy today. Oh, good. Good. What's on your list to talk about this week? All right. This is a question that I hear from business owners all the time and it's how can they get more Yelp reviews? So they know that Yelp is pretty important for bringing in clients. They know that once they sign up for Yelp, of course the Yelp customer service guys call quite a bit. All that, I don't know what they call them. They, they change their name all the time. But just what I tell our all of our clients is you can talk to the Yelp guys or gals and then you can say, you know, we're good right now. Maybe one day we'll be able to pay for your services.

Adam:    But the best part of Yelp is free. And so but first, before you start getting any or expecting to get any customers through Yelp, you're going to have to start getting reviews. So that's what that's why this is one of the biggest questions. I'm asked from our new clients is how can I get more reviews? So I guess, would you agree? Do you get customers through your Yelp page? We definitely do. And I totally agree with you. I would also it definitely starts, you know, getting more reviews as one thing, but it starts with really paying attention to the customer experience. Oh yeah. In the shoes of the customer and how you would like to be treated. That's how you should treat your customers. Perfect. So this is definitely advice for good businesses, so people who care. And so I guess by default, if you're listening to us right now, this is something that you care about.

Adam:    And so that means you probably care about your business. You've already taken the basic step of giving good customer service responding to reviews and all that stuff. But if you have a brick and mortar business here, I just wanted to go quickly through some great tips for you. We always recommend for our clients. If you have a service area business, meaning that you traveled to the customer's home, maybe you don't have an office, then this is a little tougher for you to get reviews. But first, first thing I want you to do is start asking. So don't put up any, any signs or any written materials saying, Hey, review us on Yelp or you know, we'll give you a free massage for a Yelp review. So don't do anything like that because it, it, that definitely breaks Yelp, Yelp's terms of service.

Adam:    And actually even asking for reviews is something that Yelp says they don't want you to do. So we don't want, I don't want to recommend that you ask for reviews, but you can definitely say, Hey, how about a review, wink, wink, or check out our Yelp page and see what other people are saying about us? That's all. That's also good if you have a brick and mortar business. And if you've been on Yelp for a year or so, you'll actually get a sticker in the mail and it'll say like you know or actually through your business account. It'll be a, you know, people love us on Yelp and you can put that sticker up. But definitely don't, don't put up a sign asking for reviews. But one cool thing that you can do and you can ask and you can actually even put up a sign that says this and that is ask for a checkin. So Yelp has a on their app, a little button when you are at that business and it says check in. So when you're you can ask, you can even bribe somebody, you can say, Hey, free bottle of water for checking in. That's not breaking Yelp's terms of service. And there are some cool things that happen when they do check in.

Jaime:    Awesome. It's it's really, I think that is really good because then once they check in, they have to kind of sign in under Yelp. Right?

Adam:    Right. So the this does assume that, yeah, Yelp's not gonna do anything unless that person has an account pressing check-in. It'll force them to have to sign into Yelp, which is great. Once they do sign in they can sign in through their Facebook account or their, their email account. But what's really, really cool is once they do check in a Yelp asks them, Hey, type in something. So like, Oh, check out the hamburgers in this place or something like that. But it also gives them the option defaulted to post on their Facebook page and their Twitter page. And it also alerts their friends on Yelp. So that's like a triple threat. So when people check into places on a, on Yelp, having that automatically go to their Facebook and Twitter and friends on Yelp, that's great. That's free advertising for you as the business person and it doesn't end there.

Adam:    So the next thing that it does is that once you check in on Yelp, and you should try this, if you're a business owner, next time you go to a location, just check in and see the process. But Yelp will send you reminders to review that business so that those reminders will come in, you know, once every couple of days and they'll stop. It'll just be an alert on your phone or on your Yelp notifications. So that is a great way to remind your customers to write a review about you. And those reviews when they're through that process, Yelp considers those basically a verified purchase, which means that it's a verified review. So one big problem I know we all have is our Yelp reviews disappearing, getting filtered. So I know in your business, I know if you look at our company's a Yelp page, I think now we have more filtered reviews than unfiltered and it's frustrating as heck cause they're all real reviews. They're all real clients. Customers. I think a, even you've had some big experiences with those reviews getting filtered,

Jaime:    Only losing 105 star reviews in less than 30 days. Yes.

Adam:    Awesome. And frustrating. And they do that cause they want you to call them so they can upsell you anyway. I, Oh, that must be heartbreaking. When that happens. And I've seen it so many times. So for our clients that ha that's happened to, and I know with solar harmonics, Jamie's company, that when that happened, we saw it come in and it was, it's like a landslide. It just, it just, it's overwhelming anyway. You can't really do much about those. Once they're filtered people say pay Yelp and those will come back. That's baloney. Keep paying Yelp and they'll come back. That's baloney to Yelp has their algorithm but their algorithm can definitely get controlled. But even if you pay them, it's not going to come back. So this check-in process works really well. And like I said, those reviews, if you have photos, if you can get your get those people to add photos, that's the best too.

Adam:    So those photo reviews, his photos through that check in system those tend to stick the most. Last thing I wanted to talk about is there's a ton of online review generating systems out there. So there's bird eye, there's, Oh gosh, there's just so many out there. And they all basically do the same. So they email the person who came in or they text them or they do a combination of both. But one massive word of warning is Yelp. A couple of years ago they sent out a, they changed their terms of service and they said, if we catch you using one of those online review generating systems, they'll ban you from Yelp. They'll ban your business from Yelp and they're serious and they can they, so the weakness of all of those online Ruben review generating systems is they direct the customer or that client to the specific Yelp page for writing a review for your business. And they all basically come from the same group of IP addresses. So there's super easy to spot and Yelp, all they have to do is say, Hey, that looks suspicious. Okay. They'll send you a message, a big message on your on your dashboard and we'll say, stop now or we're going to ban you.

Jaime:    Wow. That is a lot to consider. Where, where, and how would you recommend someone get more information about this?

Adam:    I do a lot of searching online, but these are the basics. So these are what you're going to find if you search for this topic online. The check-in thing, it seems like some, some places recommend it. If you're a service area business, this might be a little more difficult, but I would try it. If there are anywhere within you know near where you verified your address, even if you haven't, sometimes Yelp will let you check in even though it's a service area business. So try that one. And just keep asking. So basically making review generation a part of your business model at the end of your business, your sales process saying, Hey, you basically you introduce this at several steps along the process. Are you happy now? Give us a, you know, scale of one to 10.

Adam:    How happy are you? If they say four, stop and say, why, and then fix that problem and then say, you know, how has that responsiveness, all that stuff. So make the review process that's part of your internal processes of improving your business anyway. And then getting that review at the end, most likely, if that review is on Yelp, if it's gone through this process, if they stay, they stay for years. And that's just money, money, money, money. Cause having an online, a credible online reputation means that other people will be willing to trust your business.

Jaime:    It's the key to success. All right, we're going to wrap it up there and Adam for more information, please check out our Facebook page and then also rate and review this podcast on iTunes. It's been hugely hugely helpful as a, and if you are not happy with the podcast, please let us know right as a review on Yelp. Yeah, write a review on Yelp and that's about it. I hope we, I'm looking forward to next week already. Great. Thanks a lot. Everybody. Alright.