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How Can I Use Facebook Ads To Make the Phone Ring?

What is one super-power Facebook provides for local businesses?

The power to reach local customers - and get their email addresses! Those email addresses are the key to turning economic downturns into upturns for your business! But how do you do it?

This podcast details the steps to create an effective landing page (plus thank-you page) and some keys to making sure your ads are successful in getting your phone to ring - especially during downtimes!

Check it out now!

Jamie:    All right, Adam.

Adam:    Hey Jamie.

Jamie:    All right. We're back again for another super fun episode of local SEO and 10 that's.

Adam:    That's right.

Jamie:    All right. So I am excited about today's topic because you thought of it.

Adam:    Yes, I did think of it. And this is actually something that we hear a lot from our clients. So we thought we'd answer this question, take this time to do that. And that's, how can I use Facebook ads to make the phone ring? Now I have to say, I have, I want to preface this. If you're in a large dollar industry, like if you're a roofer or a solar company, probably Facebook ads local Facebook ads. I'm not going to recommend, I mean, you do see solar ads. We do see sometimes roofing ads, but by and large, those don't get a lot of good customers. So we don't really recommend them. But today, if you're for example an auto body shop or a dental office, Facebook is a great way for you to get rid of the dips in your business and turn them into peaks. So when the times are lean, that's when that's what these Facebook ads are for and not during the lean times, but before they happen. Okay.

Jamie:    Yeah. So you're saying it's more of a hedge because you're so busy with other things you might as well spend some money on Facebook.

Adam:    Well, it's a hedge against the times when yeah. Business doesn't when business flounders, you know, when, when COVID hit businesses that had a, a big email list, they were able to reach out to their customers and say, and do customer education. We don't just do the one thing that you're paying us for your, we do a ton of other things and, you know, that might be enough to entice that customer or that client back to you to spend more money and to serve them better. So that's what the whole point of, of the, of these Facebook ads really is to build your customer email list. So that way, yeah, you can, if there's a problem, or if, there's say for example, you're a dental office, and then next week you notice, you know, you have a four hour dead zone in your appointments, so you're still going to have to pay your staff, whether there's people there or not. So how about during those times you can have a flash sale, you know, once a month or once, once, whenever you want to try this with that email list, you would send out an email and say, bam, Hey if you make an appointment within the next 10 minutes, you know, you get such and such, or you get such and such discount. That turns that, that dead time into use time. So that's, that actually can be really valuable.

Jamie:    All right. Okay. So starting with Facebook ads.

Adam:    Okay. Yeah. So we do start with Facebook ads and what we're going to, before we do anything, we're going to think about a promotion. So a promotion that is low cost. So that means it doesn't cost a lot. It saves money and it could be a coupon for the next service. If you're an auto body shop, you know, it could be $20 off whatever, or $10 off your next oil change, something like that. That is enticing enough to get people to click on that, to get that promotion, to get that discount referring

Jamie:    To us, a call to action.

Adam:    Yeah. Well first, okay. So once you do that, okay, now you have to think about where that button is going to take them. Now, Facebook makes it really easy for you to stay within Facebook because they want you to stay on Facebook. However, that doesn't really correspond to your goal, which is to get an email address from that person. So once they click on that ad, you want them to be taken off of Facebook. Okay. Yep. So anywhere you want to take them is to a landing page. Now, a landing page, this is great for Google ads too. You never want to just take them to your homepage because then they're lost. So have your designer create a landing page that speaks directly to that promotion. So also include testimonials about your business. You know, some other interesting information about your business that you think that client or that customer possibly will need to know. I always recommend just having the top half be a place holder. So that way you can have on that landing page, that month's promotion then below that you have some testimonials and then all of that leads to that call to action, which is please give us your email, address, your name, email address to get that promotion.

Jamie:    Yeah. That makes sense. It seems that not just for dental or automotive, but I would think, especially in these times, restaurants could use that call to action and inform people, you know, Hey, we're still open. Please support us.

Adam:    Yeah. There's that customer education, you know, if you don't, if you, if you enter one of the, you know, we had clients who entered COVID without with their customer, you know, their email database or their email list of, you know, 20 people. And they th you know, for them to pivot during COVID was incredibly tough, but those that did have that email database to pivot, to we're able to do pretty well and survive. So during these UN know, uncharted times, this is a really good hedge. So getting back to that landing page, you want to make sure you have that promotion at the top of that placeholder. You also want to have a thank you page. So once they do type in their email address, that thank you page takes them to another page that says, thank you, but also has some upsells. So other services that you might be interested in are whatever, whatever, and that could be an evergreen page.

Adam:    So it's just a standard template of an evergreen, thank you page with some other services or even other discounts for services, click here to make your appointment. That kind of stuff mentioned the word, Jamie, and you get $10 off, whatever. So that second page is a kind of a it's it's a lot of businesses don't do don't even go that far. So that's a really good place for you to get that phone to ring for other services, too. That makes sense, right? Yeah. So once you, once you have all this set up, now, I know it does take some technical expertise, but if you have a designer or you're doing this yourself, you can make that landing page kind of basically a template. So you would have your, you know, your, that month's promotions. And then the other stuff that makes up that page, I would recommend though, to make that page jam packed full of long information.

Adam:    So the more one of the things that's going to help, I'll take it back to SEO. One of the thing that helps your site grow and its ranking increase is dwell time. How long does a visitor stay, stay on a page. So to increase that, you know, you're paying, you're paying to get that page looked at. Sure. So you, that's why a lot of times when you go into these landing pages, you're like, when does this end, when does this end, when does this end? Because they're made like that. They want people to stay on that page for as long as possible. So definitely if you have any frequently asked questions if you have video testimonials, those are great because that, you know, a video, somebody clicks on that and Whoa, time goes fast and they're still on that page. So that will help the SEO of that page as well.

Adam:    So these are all little tricks that local businesses, in order to avoid those valleys, they need to take advantage of, and with Facebook, you know, your, your ad costs, I think the limp, the smallest amount is $10 per day. So you can tweak your promotion. You can try different things every month or every few weeks, or every, every time you do a Facebook ad and see what works, and then just keep doing that. Like, if you have one that really performs, just keep that one going. I mean, and just do, you can just change the targeting on that Facebook ad and you will see new customers come and new customers come in. It's great. It is, it is really it's effective. So that's why, we're why we recommend it.

Jamie:    So good here. So with the Facebook ads, generally, you know, you can kind of structure them as well, so you can get very granular on who you're looking for. Oh yeah. Can you speak a little bit about that?

Adam:    Oh, okay. Yeah. So if your perfect customer is nice, you could start off with, are you nice? You know, you start with that ad with a question with a yes. Answer. So are you nice? You know, do you consider yourself a nice person? So pretty much that's a yes question though. That's a great start to your ad. Do you, I mean, if you are if you're a dental office and your promotion is, you know, whatever, some discount on teeth, whitening services, you can say, you know, worried about that smile, you know, how's that last zoom call teeth look a little dark, you know? So something like that that connects with them and has a yes, kind of an automatic answer to it is really effective. The last thing I do want to say, though, is once you get that email address, you want to email those people. You know, you don't want to just let them forget that they did that with you, you know, every month or so this ties into your kind of ongoing marketing is you want to have some kind of newsletter set up, and I know we've done a podcast on newsletters before, so I'd go check that out. And it is a, it's something that you want to always keep in mind too.

Jamie:    All right. That sounds good. Anything else you want to add?

Adam:    Nope, that's it. That's all I got for today.

Jamie:    All right. Well, like I said, that was very exciting topic. You sound so excited. You're excited. So I'm excited. So woo. Oh yeah. I mean, it's all right. If anyone remembers what that is any who, so yeah, if you enjoyed this podcast and, you know, a business owner that might be struggling like a restaurant or she sh there's so many to pick from in this COVID time, definitely share this podcast with them because it could give them a little bit of hope. And Facebook is not very expensive as Adam mentioned. So and if you need help with that, please make sure to check out our Facebook page, our LinkedIn page, and then also make sure to rate and review the podcast too. We appreciate it.

Adam:    Thanks a lot. Everyone have a great week.