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How can I make my Yelp game strong?

There are three levels to making your Yelp game strong, so for fun I have divided them into three levels of cuteness:

3 Tips to Improve your Yelp ranking

Level 1


This level is fairly easy for every business to achieve. Go to Yelp, search for your business and look for "Claim this Listing." Click on that and, yep you guessed it, claim your business.  Yelp will call the phone number to verifiy the listing with a code for you to type in so be prepared to answer immediately. Like I said, easy.


Understand that you will now have a Personal Yelp Account (if you use Yelp already) and a Business Yelp Account.  Fill out all the fields in your business' profile and include keywords in every section.  These are keywords your future customers will be using to search for your business, so go crazy!


Grammar be important so don't go too cray-cray though.

3 Tips to Improve your Yelp ranking

Level 2

This level may be a little more difficult but the benefits for gaining new business is amazing.  Add photos, photos and more photos!  Yelp doesn't limit you to how many photos you can upload. You cannot choose the order they appear in - unless you pay Yelp - but that doesn't matter. More is better! 


The next thing you want to do? Respond to customer reviews, and when you do, include your keywords in your responses.  Be professional in those responses and make them pithy as they will also be read by future customers.  Re-affirming that your business is not run by a crazy person - you - is also a nice touch.

3 Tips to Improve your Yelp ranking

Level 3


You might need some help with this level of your Yelp game.  If you've been able to add photos, that's great! Now we want you to add photos that are edited with your logo, tag line and contact info. In the description add your site keywords in the tag line in a grammatically sensible manner.

Here's why: Yelp is one site that Google regularly farms for images. These images appear in google searches but are of course stripped of all tag lines or descriptions. Having these edited directly into your images means that info cannot be ignored by your potential customers or re-used by unscrupulous competitors.

As an aside, if you are an in-home service provider, don't ever ever ever ever put up "before" photos! Why? These photos will be also farmed by Google and guess which photos will make there way up to the top images to reflect your business? Yes, that's right. Those before photos!

That's it, simple steps to making your Yelp game strong will bring in more business!


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