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How to Create Nextdoor Business Posts?

In this episode, we discuss the pros and cons of Nextdoor Business Posts for your local business.  Creating a post is easy as long as you already have the content, so we recommend adding either a recent "Listicle" or some images of recent amazing projects or products.  These posts will be visible to tens of thousands of users in your surrounding neighborhoods, so if your target market is on Nextdoor it's a no-brainer to start posting!

Jamie:    All right, Adam.

Adam:    Hey, Jamie, how's it going today?

Jamie:    Oh my gosh. It's going great. Of course. But I'm super excited about today's topic because I discovered it.

Adam:    Yeah, you did. You brought it to my attention a few weeks back. And so I actually taken a deep dive into it and I want to make sure that it's very, very new. And although we do talk a lot about SEO on this podcast, we want to also talk about basically how to leverage online platforms. So I wanted to talk to you today about a platform called next door. Yeah, I know, I know. I know next door, if you have it, it's, it's a, it's a neighborhood, a social platform where it seems to me a lot of seniors get on there and complaint get off my lawn. Yeah. There's always that guy or gal who anyway, so but part of next door they're, you know, they, when they started, they were like, okay, we have this great idea, but then they really didn't know how to monetize it. Right. So the money part, they were like, okay, we'll worry about that later. Now they have been worrying about that. And actually they've, they've come up with some, a great tool that local businesses should definitely take advantage of. So I know that you use next door and if you don't have a next door business account, so that means you go to go, got to go through your desktop and set up a business account. You can claim your business, go through that process. Once you do that next, next door now allows businesses to do guest posting. So that means a post that's about your business or about something related to your business that you can put out for free. And it will go to, you know, potentially 40, 50, 60,000 people. I mean, it depends on your reach. So today I wanted to go, just go through, you know, the pros and cons of these next door posts and why you should definitely take a look at them for your business and, you know, take a look at next door because your, that is another place where your reputation is very, very important, so people can recommend you or not.

Adam:    And you have a lot of eyeballs. So if you're a restaurant, if you're a law office if you're a dentist, you know, next door is can bring you in plenty of leads. So you want to tap, pay attention to that platform. More so than, you know, a ton of other ones that are just out there. Next door is full of people who are ready to buy. So we want to take advantage of this. So I know that you have done these next door guest posts. So what was your process?

Jamie:    So, you know, we shared the the podcast. So it's you know, you can share a link just like if you were doing on Facebook and then from there, you can share it out to local or, you know, as far reaches you want and then, but then it stops. They don't tell you how the post performed or anything, but it is free. You know, it's a, so other ones do charge for these, you know, sharing out posts. So it's a, it's very useful. But I do, you know, one other thing that, you know, we actually got contacted when someone posted something negative about our business. And so I, the negative ones spread like wildfire and we immediately took care of it, of course, but the negative reviews or negative restaurant reviews, Holy moly, those ones spread way faster than, than anything else. But

Adam:    Very true next door is, like I said, it's full of grumpy people. And so you definitely, once you do, you know, if you have a local business, you should have, you know, some kind of you should first claim your business. And then what that'll allow you to do is put in an email address that next door will let you know, Hey, your business was mentioned or recommended whatever. So on top of that, and definitely, you know, as part of your reputation management for your business, that's a no brainer. It's another place where, you know, your reputation could get ripped to shreds without you knowing it. Yeah. So pay attention. This is like a business that doesn't claim their Yelp page. I don't know why not, but they probably should. And by the way, claiming your page on next door is pretty easy.

Adam:    And what I mean by that is at this time, your phone number, if I, you know, there's a way there's ways that other people could possibly claim your listing. So if you're listening to this, get on next door, you know, type into Google, how do I claim my page and get on it? Because you definitely don't want to go through the process of having to try and wrestle ownership of that, that listing from someone else. All right. So we're going to go through what kinds of things you can post on next door for this is for a guest post. All right. So you log into your your business part of next door. This is not going to be through your app. It's going to be through the desktop. You're going to log in to your business portion, your business page. Once you're there, you can do a sponsored post that's when you know, you, you pay them or other kinds of posts.

Adam:    So you can do an update photo event, some kind of question, an article or a job posting. So what are the awesome, of course I pros about this is that it's visible to all areas where your business has been recommended. So either if you don't have any recommended recommendations, it'll give you a, you know, a few miles radius around your location. If you have recommendations, it will allow you your posts to be seen in those neighborhoods as well. So you could have, as little as 2000 people see your post, or, you know, 40, 50, a hundred thousand people, it's pretty nice. So once you do that, so remember if you're, if you don't know what to post, what they, there are some things that you want to take in mind, keep in mind when you're posting, so that next has their posting guidelines.

Adam:    So it can't be something you know negative about your competitors. It can't have exaggerated claims posts about illegal stuff or vice category kind of stuff, fraudulent stuff, or the big one suggesting that next door endorses your business. So you can't say we're the best business on next door. Something like that. It'll get taken off. What I like to post or what I've seen gets people interested weirdly our neck. I remember we did these before our listicles. Remember those pages that were making those top 10 pages we've made on our site, top 10, whatever, whatever in whatever city, that's a great article to post. Why? Because it's not specifically endorsing your business. It's saying, Hey, community, here's a great list of resources for you. And then of course, if they go, go that, go to that page, your name is there.

Adam:    Your business is there. And it gets traffic to that page, which is very, very good. Nice one thing that's not good about these next, the next door guest posts, or is this, all of those guests posts are only visible through next door once you log in and why that's bad is because that means Google cannot index them. Google can't use that as a way to basically you can't use that as a way to verify your business or increase your domain authority. So that's kind of, you know, it's behind basically a a password wall, so there's no way that Google can get there. So that's kind of a negative in terms of SEO. I think that's outweighed by the ability of the numbers of people you can reach with the, These posts, whatever.

Jamie:    Yeah. And you know, if they're, you know, if you really, I agree with you that next door is really a negative area that people generally go on there to complain. So maybe there's a way to structure your posts. So it's you know, not complaining, but it's not, you know, maybe there's a way to structure it. So it is taking advantage of that negative that negative post to get attention to, you know, your business.

Adam:    I always liked to do something visual. So if you're a general contractor, then you're going to do, you know, a few pictures. That's the other cool thing. You can have a few pictures of your, of a recent project in that area, just say, Hey, so, and so got us, you know, we went through this, so you present yourself as a problem solver. Those are always good. Anything visually appealing. You want to have that as your, of course your photo for this. Cause you know, this is a visual medium. The other con that I saw is that your posts are only visible. If you go, if somebody clicks on, on the next door, app businesses. So once you, so next door has a menu at the bottom for home groups, businesses notifications, and more so your home, you know, that home feed, which is what everyone kind of gravitates towards.

Adam:    That's where the paid posts come, yours on these guests posts. They would go under that business's menu. And once you get there, you'll see local deals. And that's what you'll, you'll see. They have local deals all this other kind of stuff, but that's basically where your post is going to end up. So, you know, they say, you know, how many thousands of people are going to be able to see your post? Yeah. If they get there, if they look on there. So that's kind of a con, however, if you're a business right now, you have a Facebook page, you're posting stuff on there. Part of your now your your process should be posting on Facebook, getting something over, taking the same kind of graphic, putting it over our next door. You are the other con that I forgot to set mentioned. You can only do four of these per month.

Adam:    So that really blows, of course, if you want to do more than you can, if you pay. Yeah. So this is all kind of like the gateway to getting people, businesses used to paying on next door and their ad rates, depending on your your, how your competition, the competition in your sector, there are, you know, fairly affordable. So if your market is, you know, people in that local area, you know, you're a restaurant or a massage, or, you know, you're a low cost entry chiropractor you know, this would be a great thing for you to check out, see what you, what kind of what kind of business you can generate from next door. Why not? It only takes a few minutes to try you know, it's free right now. It sounds like a no brainer to me.

Jamie:    Yes. And I just thought upon, but if you did like a, you know, contractor fails and you had pictures of some crazy you know, work, but he say, this is not what we do, do the opposite or something like that.

Adam:    So you want to capitalize on that time.

Jamie:    It is crazy how negative maybe it's just our area, but and it's, it's pretty, pretty, there's rarely someone that is has something happy to share. So but yeah, if they're looking for negative that might be a way to capitalize on it.

Adam:    Well, I think you want to be careful because a, they are reviewed who knows who's reviewing them. You know, it could be the 23 year old, who's fresh out of college, you know, he or she has a very sensitive, you know, inclination, they're not paid to say, yes, they're paid to say no. So I like our listicle ideas. I like having a gallery of great photos, some specials, you know, any updates, if you're looking for a if you're looking for, to hire people, I think it's a great place to another great place where you can put stuff up, just understand that because Google can't see it. It's not really going to help with your SEO. So it's just an, it's like a whole nother platform. And so if your target audience is there, then you should definitely do this. If you're a target audience, you know, that they're, you know, they're not homeowners or they're transient in nature. So you know, it could be college people or college students or whatever. If there, if, if your target fits on next door, then totally no brainer to do.

Jamie:    Nice. Yep. All right. Anything else?

Adam:    No, that's all. See if you have tried this, it'd be great. Send me, send us a message through our, our Facebook page. Let us know how, if you've gotten any traction, this is so brand new. I think this is less than a couple of weeks old. It's probably being rolled out. So let us know. We're going to be writing a a blog or an article on this, on our site. Maybe we'll do a YouTube video to show people how to post these these things correctly. And then yeah, you can take a look at those as well.

Jamie:    Sounds great. All right. Thanks Adam, as well. Good information. If you are a business owner and you know, another business owner that would like to increase our business, our online business, make sure to share this podcast out with them. It's always great to not only share it, but also subscribe and then rate and review it five stars as best that increase, improves the ranking of this podcast and make sure to visit our Facebook page local SEO in 10.

Adam:    Oh yeah. Bye everyone.