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How to Prevent Your Google Listing From Being Suspended?


 In this week's episode we detail the strategies you need to follow so your Google business listing doesn't get suspended!

We spoke about Local Viking as a tool for GMB listing management.

Adam: Hey, Jamie. Are we ready for another podcast? All right. Yes we are. Excellent. What do you got for us this week? Okay, last week on last week's podcast we talked about what do you do if your business has been suspended by Google? So this week I thought I'd break down how to make sure your business is not suspended by Google. Okay? Okay. So we, there's a bunch of stuff. So first of course, a big number one reason of getting your business suspended would be you've used a fake address. So there's a lot of pressure on businesses to use a brick and mortar address. If you have a service area business definitely it helps with ranking. So that is really, really important if you can get a a, a brick and mortar, even one that that like a shared workspace or something like that, you can use that.

Adam: However, just don't use a home address or, and definitely don't go on eBay and get a fake address cause movement. Both of those are really easy to get suspended. And the reason is your competitors can use Google's a cool little feature called suggest and edit. And when they do that, they can say there's a little nice little drop down menu listing that says this is a private residence. So when that happens you know, you're on Google street view and you might've gotten away with it for a little bit, but when your competition starts getting a little more competitive, a little more fierce, they're definitely going to see that report it and it'll get suspended. So don't use a fake address, don't use a home address, don't use a, put a post office box. Those are all breaking Google's rules.

Adam: The, the big, big factor in whether they're going to accept your address is can you or do you regularly meet clients there? So if you, if it's your house, probably not. So, however, there are places like a shared work spaces, so there's tons of these online. And what we recommend for our clients is stay away from the national chains. So there are a few national chains that have shared working space. So they, you know, they'll give you a PO, a mailbox, and then a place to meet clients. Stuff like that. Google knows those national chains really well. So they treat that many times just like a post office box or even a little better than that. So meaning that they'll allow you to verify it. You just won't be able to rank very well with it. So stay away from those. You can get a local shared workspace. One of the things you want to pay attention to is their hours, so their opening hours. So when you, so you want to match their opening hours. So you can't, you really want to be careful if you're a 24 hour business, if your shared workspace is not 24 hours, then you should most likely match their hours. We just don't want to have any kind of red flags that show up.

Jaime: What if you have a business business that has an office and, or you know, you're, you're in a suite, in an office building.

Adam: All right? So what you want to do when you're setting up the listing, go outside, take pictures of the building. We recommend 10 plus pictures of the outside 10 pictures. You want to make sure that your name of your business is on the directory. So if there's a directory at the bottom of the, you know mailboxes and they have names on there, you wanna make sure your name is there. If you walk upstairs to your office and you have a little, hopefully a little sign on your door that says your business name, take pictures of that take pictures of the inside of your business. So these are all things that Google wants to see anyway. So there's places on your Google my business listing where you can put this stuff. Okay. Pro tip, last one or one of the many pro tips on here.

Adam: Do a video tour. So that means go from the outside of your business to the inside. So just walk, no cutting, don't cut, just a walk. Upload that video once you've taken it. So show the outside of your building, show your directories, show yourself going up in the elevator or walking up at the stairs, whatever it is. Basically what you're doing is proving that you have business there for shared workspaces. You can definitely do this as well. So if a, especially a local one, you just call them up and you say, this is what you want done and you can go and do it. Pay for the directory listing on like at the bar, you know, downstairs or whatever outside or inside the building. Do that video tour when you're setting it up and then upload that to your Google my business listing that exterior.

Adam: So the reason you wanna do that is so that when Google, if they try and suspend you or if they do suspend it, you can just say, Hey, look right there where it's already taken care of. Because that is one of the things they will ask for. Nice. All right. Then if you make, going forward, once your business is verified once you are your business is going, you want to make sure that you're staying away from spammy names. So the name of your business, you, it has to be consistent with your website. So some people will say, Hey, put your category in there in your name on Google. Stay away from doing that. That cause that's an easy way for Google to suspend you. So make sure that your name on your Google listing matches the name that's on your website.

Adam: Okay. Lots of businesses. I see that a used like their business name@gmail.com. Does Google give them points for that? Wait, you mean for their email address? Oh yeah, no, no, sorry. They don't care about that. Definitely. Sorry. But what they, what they what we want to actually, I have one of the tools that I wanted to introduce on this podcast. It's called Ooh, local Viking. This, if you search for local Viking online, you'll see this is a tool that we use to make changes to our clients. Google listings, like updating their hours, doing adding a question and the answers and just doing a ton of different things. And when we were doing these manually, directly through the listing for a while there, we would be instantly suspended. So yeah, that didn't matter if we prepared all of this stuff.

Adam: So with a tool like local Viking you can go there sign up, you can manage your listing through there. They have an API that is trusted that Google trusts. So that way any changes that you make in all likelihood won't result in a suspension. So that's super valuable. Just check it out. We've been using it now for, I think pretty much since they started done a bunch of AB testing with it. They win every time. So super valuable. Super. it's, it's just, it takes the stress out of making changes or updating things. I mean before this, I remember making a change where I added a upcoming holiday, so I said, Christmas closed. So I spent, and I was like, wow. Christmas. Oh my God, that was a horrible, horrible experience that if you're listening to this podcast, I don't want to see you go through, just go through local Viking and you'll be fine. All right. That sounds great. It sounds like a great tip for our podcast listeners. Where can they go to learn more? You can definitely check out our Facebook page local SEO and 10 or you can look us up. You can go to magnified media and you can see all of our all this stuff. The content we have there for free magnifying media dot column or.net. Oh, nice. Okay.

Adam: All right. Very good. That's a, I think, a great point to wrap it up this week. And anything else you want to add? Nope, that's all. Thank you very much everybody. All right. Have a great week. Yup. Have a great week. Everybody.