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How to Set Up a Virtual Office for Your Business


In this week's episode, we discuss the steps business owners should take when setting up a new virtual office for their business.

Adam:  Hi everyone. In today's podcast, we're going to actually discuss how to set up a virtual office for your business. Jamie's not going to be with us today. We're having some technical difficulties it seems. So instead I'm going to be flying solo. So put down what you're doing. Try not to fall asleep and let's get going. Okay, so when we talk about setting up a virtual office for your business, what we're really talking about are to those businesses that have their address hidden on Google. So when you're setting up your business listing, everyone knows Google gives you the opportunity to hide your address. And that's really a, if you're a plumber or an electrician, you know, if you're working out of your house and you don't want people visiting your house as your business, it's really enticing to hide that address. But guess what? A few years ago Google decided to prioritize.

Adam:  They started to prioritize their search results. So if you have an established physical business and not a home based or virtual one, Google decided that those have a little more authority or a lot more authority because most likely it's an established business. It's not going to leave tomorrow. And so that's a way that Google can kind of give more relevant results, which is what they're trying to do. So if you're in that position where you don't have an office, so your office addresses hidden, then we really recommend that you try and set up a virtual office. Now this is kind of the gray area of Google's terms of service. So first thing you're going to do if you're thinking about doing this, is call up that virtual office, a coworking space, for example. Make sure that it's not a national chain. So most cities nowadays have one or two or three or way more coworking spaces that will be able to help you out.

Adam:  So you call up that coworking space and that virtual office and you ask them one of the these questions. So that one of the first questions you're gonna ask is, can I get my name on a office directory? So a public office directory that's listed outside or in front of the business or even just inside the business. So like when you walk into an office building, you'll see an office director directory. That's what you want. You want your name on there. The other thing is you want a name on your mailbox. So that mailbox, if they can, even if it's a, you know, if it's a written if it looks kind of permanent, that's what you want. So the other thing is you want to make sure that your hours kind of match up to theirs. So once they are, give you the go ahead.

Adam:  So you're, you're happy with everything they've said. Yes, yes, yes. And all that stuff. When you're there setting up your office with them signing all the paperwork and stuff. Once you have your plaque or on that directory, you want to take photos of that. You want to take a video of the outside of the business, walking in, showing that your businesses name on that directory, going to your mailbox, opening the mailbox, seeing the name there of your business, walking up the stairs and going to the office so you can make that one long video. You're going to need that. Then of course, while you're inside, you're going to be taking a ton of photos while you're outside, you're going to take a ton of photos as well, so probably 10 or more of each outside, inside of the directory of your mailbox. If there's a sign, any kind of signage with your business name on it, we want those as well.

Adam:  Next thing you're going to do is you're going to have a change, one of your businesses billing addresses so you can start getting a utility bill delivered there. Are your phone bill for your business delivered there? Anything that we can show that a, you have an official address there. That's what we want. You can even file a DBA with your local County that will also be acceptable for Google. This is all just in case during the verification process. There, they may ask for this. So before that happens, just have that all prepared. So that way when you do set up that virtual office, you're able to basically show that you're actually doing business there. Google's terms of service. They do talk about can you meet or do you meet regularly your clients at that location? And if you can, then yeah, by all means use that address.

Adam:  That's that's the most, if you want to take a look at Google's terms of service for this, we'll keep, we'll put a link in the show notes and you can go and read it for yourself. So that's really important that you are able to regularly meet a client at that location and not a coworking space for most people or most, most virtual business or most service area businesses is perfect for that. Now, why is this important? So we talked about, I mentioned at the beginning that Google is prioritizing those businesses with an established physical business address. So the other thing is when we're building your profile across the internet to build your websites ranking, we do things like citations. So we citation is basically any location on the internet that includes your businesses name, phone number, address. So if you have no address, no addresses, bad name, address, phone number your hours, your website and a description of your business.

Adam:  So those are called citations. And the more of them that you have that point back to your website and your location, the more established you are that helps with your search engine ranking. So we want to make sure that one, once this is established and when you start building out your profile online, start building out citations, it's really important for you to have a physical address to include in those citations. And that's across the board. If you open up or if you've tried you to open up a Facebook business page, you're going to have to put an address. This is for Yelp. You can hide your address, but another reason, another way that you want to have that establishes you within those search engines, within those on those platforms is with an address. So we want to make sure that you do okay.

Adam:  That's it. So first when choosing a virtual office, we'll just review, get photos of the outside and inside, get your name on that directory, take a video of you walking up, get up, get some bills to be delivered there. A DBA this is also, we can improve your search ranking and you can get a piece of that business that's in your city coming to you through Google. So we're going to stop now and thank you very much for listening to our local SEO and 10, if you have any questions for a future episode, please make sure to like us on Facebook and then send us a message through there. And if you haven't, if you found anything valuable about this at all, I'd appreciate a five star review on Apple podcasts or wherever you're listening to this podcast now. Thanks a lot everybody see an accent.