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Is It Easy To Design A Website?

Yes, a web page can be built reasonably easily using software. But creating a website that can be modified by non-technical people - thump SEO - requires a tremendous amount of expertise to provide custom features - properly communicate the brand - run flawlessly on all devices - develop with the business - have a disaster recovery plan - and be safe as well.

Wix, Squarespace etc give a misleading perception to the general public - here's the goddess selling literature...


Did you know that?

There's no fee, and no catch there! Without investing a thing, you can transform your parked domain page into a fantastic looking website. (with the exception of hundreds of hours of making it right)

It's swift! You can hardly believe how fast and simple it is to do, in minutes to get your website online!


Really? Really? Here's a faster process....




After building a website, 45 percent of companies report growth of at least 25 percent! (but certainly not a godaddy or wix site and usually after it has been constructed by a pro) This gives the impression that, in minutes and at no expense, any fool can build a great site. Many people have this idea of too much money being poured into ads - the whole industry has been manipulating people for years! Cough (Cough Cough)

If a company seldom relies on a website for its life, you can see it on these cheap website builders (infact i dont know any). Nice for certain sites (where you only need a presence and it doesn't matter whether you impress or not) Companies usually use wordpress with either a theme and custom or updated php programs, depending on the features, for their heart.

It is extremely difficult to create sites for large businesses. And outsourcing has cheapened the return for effort - too many web developers have now chucked in the towel - because of the amount of research and knowledge/stress involved, it is just not worth it. In certain ways, you could make more money flipping burgers for the amount of hours you work - with no tension. As a consequence, in many western countries, there are extreme skills shortages - the reason? The salary is not equal to the pressure and the analysis needed.

Schoolers also edit a prototype and modify a predefined/hosted template with some terms. Often, you can not do that for a corporation. Educators often do not program any custom functions and will rarely, if ever, venture into css or php or asp! Schoolers do not manage the website on a server or understand items such as APIs/script errors per second security/transactions or advanced graphics/javascript or databases or linux. But the average individual sees a site for schoolers and they think they should create ebay - the false impression raises its head again.

The challenge and accomplishment of building a site and helping a business to succeed from thousands to millions in a short period of time is a rush.

If you think it's easy to build a site - i.e. a site that can actually return dollars, the only way to find out is to build a real one - not a pretend one that doesn't have to follow any requirements or work. What it returns will be the real test of its success.

Does Your Business Need a New Website That Actually Brings in New Business?

Remember, when creating a website you have two audiences that are equally important: Humans and Google.  Most website designers stick to designing for humans. Why? Because the client wants a beautiful site first, and the designer is interested in making that client happy.  But unfortunately that’s where most designers stop.  Magnified Media designs sites for both Humans and Google. Why again you ask? The reason is simple - if you don’t make your site Google-friendly, it won’t ever get seen by Humans! Interested in seeing what we can do for your business? Schedule your free Online Presence Audit now.

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