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Is SEO Worth it For My Small Business(1)

Is SEO Worth it For My Small Business?

By Adam Duran.
Digital Marketing Guide
Magnified Media

Should you include SEO in the marketing budget for your business or company? In this article, we will break down the three questions you must ask yourself so you can answer this for your business. Read on for the answers so you can decide for yourself!

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What is SEO? SEO is the system of getting organic traffic to your site so the viewer will buy your service or your product. Organic traffic is what SEO is all about. You can do both organic traffic and paid traffic. As a business owner, there are things you need to consider when choosing between organic traffic and paid traffic. 


1) Which is Better? Paid Traffic vs Organic

  • Speed of traffic

With speed, paid traffic is always better. You can pay Google and get people to come to your site. You also have to think that the people who go through those pay-per-click ads at the top results. They are usually only looking for answers and do not care where they get it.

  • Quality of traffic

The quality of customers with organic traffic, through SEO, is always better. It is slower, but it produces higher quality traffic. If you have done Google Ads, you know that the quality of your traffic through pay-per-click or through Google Ads is not so good.

  • Cost of traffic 

This is the cost of creating content that brings people to your website or business. Obviously, paid traffic is better for short-term results, organic traffic is the best for the long term. People trust those organic results more than those ads at the top and that’s been proven based on various studies. 


You could spend 15 or $20,000 on pay-per-click ads and get a ton of calls, but then you also have to pay someone to answer those calls and sift through all of the bad leads that come through those ads. You need to think about your cumulative costs and the cumulative gains. If you are building a business and want it to be going for a few years, then the long-term-game of organic traffic is better. 


2) Do you have time to do it yourself?

  • Sooner is always better - older content that is useful tends to rank a site better. 

In creating organic content, getting SEO done correctly, and producing it on a consistent basis sooner is always better. Starting soon is always the best because older content that is useful tends to rank a site better and helps cumulative ranking grow. Google will start showing an article to more and more people when somebody finds it useful or interesting. This will help the article and rank the site better. If you have the time to do it yourself or not, sooner is always better for this. SEO is definitely a long-term game, meaning, older content is really important. 


  • Focus on user experience

On your site, you need to have content that the buyer for your product or service wants to see. You need to provide answers and solutions to your potential customer’s problems. There are few kinds of articles that you can have on your website. For example, you can have a top 10 list called Listicles. We also recommend having frequently asked questions (FAQs) about each product/service you have on your site. Those are some awesome ways to create articles for your website or business.


3) How much is a client worth to your business?


As a business owner, you know how much a client is worth to you and if it is worth your investment. The larger the client, the more it is worth to your business. It will give you a big reason to invest heavily in SEO. 


Remember the cumulative effects over time from the articles created on your site. The longer it is out there, the more people it is going to pull in, and the easier it is for your newer articles to rank as well. The more organic traffic you have, the lower your generation costs become. Within 6 to 12 months, you can see the ball rolling, and it gets easier to rank higher subjects around your products or services. That is the cumulative effect of organic SEO. 


As a small business, you want to make sure that you are allocating the proper resources in the marketing side of your business. You want to make sure that you are doing it properly. You need to ask yourself these three questions. Once you answer all three questions, you are going to find the answers that fit your business. You will find that SEO is worth it for your business because it is a lead generator for your business if done correctly. 

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