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Lar Rieu park is a shrouded diamond that is situated on 10 extensive and beautiful sections of land. The site was give deeded in 1975 to the City of Walnut Creek by Miriam Lar Rieu, who passed on in 2003. Lar Rieu Park has no pleasantries, however offers a great perspective on Mount Diablo and a lot of space for walking, birdwatching, picnicking, and simply hanging out. There is no open stopping at the recreation center, yet restricted road stopping is accessible around the recreation center.


Mrs. Lar Rieu obviously made it unmistakable in her deed to the City that she didn't need any development on this property for such things as game courts and parking areas. Else, I could see the house and previous gardens on this magnificence of a property transformed into a gathering space or even a wedding scene, while keeping up the open park land. Hacienda de las Flores rings a bell.

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