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Lime Ridge Open Space in Walnut Creek, CA

The ideal meaning of a lawn disclosure. Here and there I get so got up to speed in attempting to climb such a significant number of new places that I regularly neglect to understand what's directly here in my own terrace. Limeridge is one of those sacrosanct disclosures that not very numerous individuals think about. It's regularly calm and for the most part frequented by local people in the region. It's not the most lovely or the most testing climb that I've at any point done, yet it's as yet a stunner.

There are a few section indicates that can be utilized access this open space. The two passage focuses that I normally use are the passageway on Treat Boulevard from the parking garage or from the Contra Costa Canal Trail crossing point on Citrus Avenue in Walnut Creek. The trails are generally earth trails and are likewise unshaded with negligible greenery in view. In any case, what keeps me returning here other than comfort are the excellent perspectives that it gives of the city and the astounding dusks! This open space really broadens entirely through Walnut Creek, however I will in general continuous the Concord side since it's nearer to me.


The greater part of the trails are quite simple and despite the fact that they are soil trails, they are still simple to pursue. I adore that you can veer off onto other well known trails like the Contra Costa Canal trail and the Ygnacio Canal trail. There are a couple of slopes in there for those of you who love grades, for example, myself. The California Hiking and Riding trail gives a pleasant soak slope that you can keep running all over in the event that you are hoping to broaden your perseverance. This open space is additionally brimming with munching dairy animals. Here and there you'll get genuine very close with the dairy animals, yet they are innocuous.

Tragically, there are no bathrooms on location, however the trails are entirely short and just range a couple of miles. There are several rest seats and a couple of trees en route. I would just pressure that you expedite bunches of water those hotter days since it gets very sweltering amid the late spring! There is constrained shade and the region is entirely dry, so your body will require the majority of the water that it can get. I'm exceptionally appreciative to have Limeridge so near me! It's an incredible neighborhood choice that gives some extremely pleasant climbing and strolling trails.

Useful for children? Truly!

Useful for Dogs? On rope suggested.

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