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In the late spring of 2008, Arash and Lauren set out to open a speedy administration eatery that would offer astounding quality item at sensible costs. In the wake of looking out a few areas, they settled on a discouraged corner in the core of Downtown Oakland. The territory was a long way from a prime area, however had loads of potential. Not long after assuming control over the rent, the American economy crumbled, yet Arash and Lauren fashioned on. Utilizing vision and extended periods of diligent work, they transformed an old oily burger joint into Café 15.

Following seven years of diligent work and individual consideration, Café 15 has figured out how to make it, yet to succeed. By working keen and purchasing brilliant, Arash and Lauren can keep an extremely close hand on costs.

Some portion of the brightness of Café 15 is in the menu offered for that specific area. Not at all like it was accessible in the zone, they set themselves apart by concentrating on the amazing fixings and being green disapproved. All regular, occasional, nearby, wild, natural and biodegradable is their mantra. With this standpoint, Arash and Laurent proceed down this street in another area in the place where they grew up Walnut Creek, broadening the familial warmth utilizing a structure tasteful that feels more like home than a café. An open kitchen gives the fantasy that one is just remaining at a companion's home while they set up the night's feast to such an extent that visitors slacken the limit between the kitchen and the eatery, and frequently erroneously cross that limit.

This comfortable lounge area stylistic theme took into consideration the utilization of plates and cooking platters from bequest deals and swap meets and just as keeping waste out of the junk receptacle. It gives the additional sentiment of eating at home with family. At Main Street Kitchen, you resemble our family, and with family, it doesn't make a difference in the event that they coordinate, yet basically look great. Underneath little hung, yet fascinating light installations and the impact is a feeling of sitting at one's lounge area, not out on a brief siesta. There is trust that the area feeling and more distant family they adored such a great amount in Oakland can keep on developing in Walnut Creek.

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