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As per Yelp, I use to go here all the ideal opportunity for the Steak and Egg Special. Not justified, despite any potential benefits any longer! The steaks resemble a little chicken thigh with a ton of fat. Try not to squander your time!!!

Mel's... shuts down at 2:30am..... in any case, that really implies 1:45. That is correct. Try not to like serving individuals. It's Mel's. What would we be able to anticipate.

For what reason can't Mel's clients pay at their table? This would take out the group at the register.

The most noticeably awful administration I've at any point had in the straight. The server Sam says to us "should I not put your request in" after she could tell we were vexed. They merit 1 star.

The milkshake and wavy fries are the main redeeming quality of this burger joint at the Walnut Creek area. It has seriously gone down slope in the previous 6 years, and I'm almost certain (not 100%) they acquire the greater part of their broiled sustenance from organizations like Sysco and Tyson, so I don't exactly comprehend where the distinction is. It additionally will in general be a late night detect that turns into a stop for most wc lushes which can get some bellicose nuisances. In case you're smashed and lose your taste buds on the way to intoxication, it might be exactly what you need. Something else, there are vastly improved alternatives in the zone to wow you!

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