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My Business is Credible But NOT Visible! Now What?

We meet many business owners who have heavily invested in their online reputation, getting reviews on tons of platforms, winning awards, and even paying outside firms for ratings.  They have taken care of their Credibility, but overlooked the other part of the equation; their Visibility. In this podcast we detail how a business owner can easily check if their business is really visible online, and who they can turn to for answers.  We introduce Google Search Console, Google Analytics & Local Viking to track your Visibility.  

Remember, Visibility + Credibility = Profitability!

Jamie:    Alright, Adam.

Adam:    Hey Jamie. Oh man. Is this an exciting day?

Adam:    Yes. It's been a busy week.

Jamie:    Yeah.

Adam:    I know. Busy week for you. A busy week for me too. It's great.

Jamie:    And what is today?

Adam:    A Thursday?

Jamie:    Your wife's birthday! Congratulations.

Adam:    Oh, that's right. Yeah, that is awesome.

Jamie:    Are you congratulated? Of course. Okay.

Adam:    Alright. Have a great, we have a great weekend planned where we don't go inside to any restaurants. Don't see any movies unless it's in our house. The party's...

Jamie:    Just standing outside.

Adam:    Yup.

Jamie:    Rowing, rowing a boat across the Lake.

Adam:    We're gonna go to a museum. Oh no, you can't do that either.

Jamie:    Go for a run with her. Yeah,

Adam:    Can't do that yet. But I will Sue shoulder still in shoulder injury. That's right. Anyway. Yay. I have a question. And this is something that sometimes we actually many times we meet businesses that they've have invested heavily in their online reputation. And so they're super credible business. Right. And then they're wondering, okay, we did all this work to make us look credible on Google. So like in Northern California, for example, there's a company called diamond certified diamond certified. It's like Yelp it's, it's kind of like Yelp in that they have reviews from your customers. But what diamond certified does is they go to you and they say, Hey, you want to be diamond certified, give us a list of a hundred plus customers. We're going to contact each one of them. And I think it's, if you get a 90% or above of five stars from those customers, then you can become diamond certified. Right?

Jamie:    I am an expert in this area.

Adam:    Yes. You, your, your company, you went through this process, right?

Jamie:    Yep. Every year, every year you have to go through it.

Adam:    Wow. Okay. So that is an amazing company, you know, they, that, so their big thing is reputation. You know, you're credible. Once you become diamond certified, that kind of raises you above your competition. So to become diamond certified, it's not free, is it? No. So anyway, companies invest and use, like you said, they invest and continually invest in these reputation building systems. So better business Bureau you know, your chamber any kind of awards that you've won. Of course, Yelp having a ton of reviews on Yelp, having a ton of reviews on Google. So now they have all this credibility, but now they're going my phone's not really ringing and so what's wrong. So if, if you are one of those companies or, you know, one of those companies, I want you to go through some steps and then we can just check. You can check to see if your, your company is not just credible, but it also has to be visible.

Jamie:    Visibility. Yes.

Adam:    Yeah. That visibility and credibility. That's what leads to growth and profitability of your business.

Jamie:    Or tying them together.

Adam:    Yeah, definitely. Yeah. So you, yeah, you can't, if you want business, that's the best, that's kinda like the, not the secret sauce, it's the sauce. That's how you get bigger and better and grow. So that's what we are that, you know, coincidentally, that's what we do. We help our clients with. And we've definitely had clients in that situation where they're super credible, but you go on Google and you can't find them. And that for them, I know is frustrating. And, and a lot of times they end up canceling all these, these great things that help with their credibility, because they're just like, ah, another waste of money I got ripped off again.

Adam:    And that's, that's really, really that's that sucks, obviously. So one way, all right, so we are going to have some technical stuff in this podcast. So but the first thing I want you to do, that's not technical is open up a private or incognito window on your browser. Right. So you've done that. Okay. So now what this does, it kind of it disables the tracking and it also disables your history of searches. So that's one thing that is good. One thing that's bad is Google will know where you're located even in incognito mode it'll tell you where your, you know, your zip code or whatever. So what you want to do is type your service in that search bar and then your city where you are located. So once you do that, you'll see a Google three-pack show up, right?

Adam:    So if you're an estate planning attorney and you're in San Francisco, you type that bam now in your incognito window, the, that that a three pack will come up, is your business in there. And if it's not, well, yours is I'm following along while we're doing this. And sure. Yes, mine is number two. That's. I wonder why that is. All right. So anyway for a lot of our, for a lot of our customers or our new clients anyway, especially is they're not. And so they're not visible. That's one really easy way that you can see if your business is visible. The other way, another way is when your website was created, or if it's already been created by someone else, you know, you have a website designer or developer or whatever you want to email them and say, Hey, I need access to my number one, Google search console.

Adam:    That's an account that's pretty easy to read and to understand. So Google search console, access number that's number one, number two,

Jamie:    I'm checking it out.

Adam:    Jamie is typing in Google search console. You have Google analytics. So Google analytics, you want the access as your developer or your designer. So that way, both of these work to show you the visibility of your site. And basically what you want to see is you want to see a, a curve that goes up on both of these, about the performance or visibility of your site, right? You want to always have that going up, up, up, up, up. So that means you're getting more and more and more visible as you're doing other things like creating listicles, all the stuff that we've talked about in previous, previous podcasts, all of that will show that curve should start going up. And if it's not going up, or if it's going down, you know, Oh, we got a big problem.

Adam:    And that is, I'm not visible. And you can be sure that your competitors are, and that's why you're not showing up in that Google three-pack. Cause you know, they could be doing a lot of the right things and you're not. And so that definitely hurts with your visibility. Last thing you can also do. This is a tool that we depend on every day. It's called local Viking and local Viking is a paid alternative. And what that does, it allows you to type in your business name on your goo, you have your Google listing business name and then search for that key word. You know, it could be your category or the keyword you think is most likely to bring you business. And then once you enter that information, it will show you across the city, across the whole area, down to a hundred meters or out to I think, 10 miles per point.

Adam:    So you can get out to like, I think 50 miles around your business or even larger actually, and see where your business ranks in that Google three pack. So if you are in there or not, so that's another way that you can check your visible visibility. Unfortunately, of course, local Vikings paid. So I think for one business it's like, you know, whatever, I think 10 or 15 or 20 bucks a month or something. But it is well worth it, especially if you want to meet, you want to make sure that you are growing in visibility for not just one word, not one keyword, but more and more keywords. And so the more keywords that you can encompass with your listing, the more business it'll bring in. So the more visible you will be calm.

Adam:    They do have, because I'm able to go follow along. Now there's a download the local SEO toolbox 100% free.

Adam:    Yes! Local biking. Definitely. they are an awesome resource for business owners. Their course that they offer is through web 20 ranker, really great course for ranking your business. And I don't know what else you're typing, but

Jamie:    I'm putting in to download the local SEO toolbox.

Adam:    Alright, so do that if you'd like and basically today, what I wanted to focus on was that visibility of, of your business. So when you're doing everything correctly, you want, your visibility will go up. If you've spent all of this money to become credible, to have a reputation that you're proud of, five stars, wherever you look, you know, you're diamond certified. If you're in Northern California, all that good stuff is wasted. If no one can see. So...

Jamie:    Yeah. I see, especially in the diamond certified, since it's very contractor based, most contractors are really busy, so they just like the diamond certification brand that they can put on their trucks and put on their business cards. So when the customer does see it, they're happy to see it. But yeah, they are leaving a ton of business out that they're just paid by not making themselves more visible and tying to that diamond certified recognition.

Adam:    They're leaving a whole massive amount of business to their competitors. So they're competitors. They're, they're like, why would I give, become diamond certified if I don't need to? So the more credible and visible you are, the more you dominate your market, which, I mean, I don't know a business owner that doesn't want to do that with these crazy times that we're all living in, you know, your business could be good at doing well one month and then the next month the government can decide you're not going to do well this month. So how about trying to make sure that you are dominating your market? It'll help kind of take away those waves of up and down. You know, that roller coaster that a lot of us are on. It's it's point being, if you've invested in your reputation, now you should also consider investing in your visibility a lot of times.

Adam:    Yeah. But a lot of times your designer doesn't know what the heck you're talking about. So you can refer them to this podcast. Hey, I heard this here. And then, you know, maybe if they need help, they can reach out. They can go to web 20 ranker. They can go through the training, they can do all this stuff. It's all learnable. It's just like you as a business owner, this is all learnable. For me, this is what I do for a living. This is what I've done for a living for many years now. And I know it works having visibility and credibility. There's no other sauce that works. So you're either. And if you don't have both, then you're kind of you know, on a three legged chair or two legged chair, three legged chair, kinda rickety.

Jamie:    So if you have visibility and credibility, what does that lead to?

Adam:    Profitability? That's what we all want. That's why you're listening to this podcast. So make sure that you you have Google search console access to your site. You can set that up, you know, you can go to Google and say, how do I set up that same with Google analytics, you can set that up on your site. It, all it is is just putting a little code on the backend of your site. It's not that difficult, but if you have trouble doing that, ask your designer or your web developer, Hey, add me to account. And then you can actually see for your own eyes or with your own eyes, that big curve going up. And if it's not there, then you have some, you have some calls to make because a, the visibility part, if it's not there, you're just spinning your wheels.

Jamie:    Got it. Alright. Anything else you want to leave everybody with? Oh, that's it. That was a good one. Very good. And boy, every week is something more critical I have to now drop everything and work on, or at least to get my SEO company to work on. So definitely check it out.

Adam:    You're already done. You're doing it. Yeah, that's right. I have the inside scoop. Sorry.

Jamie:    Keep it going back to Oregon. And what are you doing? I'm recording this podcast. All right. So make sure if you know a business owner that is really worried about COVID and how they're going to make it through all this mess they need to get online. The internet doesn't get sick that often, so let's let's get their business online. So they do get more visibility and build on their credibility. Make sure to rank rank and review the site so we can get thumbs up. And the higher it's ranked, the more visible the podcast gets on iTunes and I heart radio and everywhere else. So make sure to share this out and leave a five star review get, check us out on LinkedIn or on Facebook, local SEO intent.

Adam:    Good job Jamie! Talk to later everyone!