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Online Networking for Your Business

In this week's episode, we take a deep dive into how local business owners can increase business through local online networking groups!

We also explore some dos and don'ts for online meetings, so don't miss this one!p page)!

Jamie:   All right, Adam.

Adam:   Hey Jamie.

Jamie:   All right, another local SEO on 10. I'm super excited about this. Today's topic.

Adam:   All right, me too. We're going to be talking about online networking for your business. So what it is, how you can find them. And some probably some good tips for making sure you look professional and sound professional.


Jamie:   Excellent.


Adam:   All right, so obviously the shelter in place has caught many businesses off you know, out of the blue, they, they don't know what they're doing or what to do. This has mean meant actually an explosion in networking online. So today I wanted to go through some of the ways that you can for your local business, get into these meetings and it will definitely help you grow your business. So you know that probably if you're in business, been in business for a few years or more in your local area, you have your chamber of commerce, which is like a free for all.


Adam:   All businesses are welcome. You know, you got your real estate agents running through with their business cards going, here you are, here you are, here you are. And then you have more relaxed professionals who go to other networking groups that are all category specific. That would be like your local BNI or a LA tip or trust aridity or provisors even these are all category specific networking groups that before the shelter in place and before COVID 19 they all meet weekly or monthly and they pass referrals to each other. And they're great for growing your business. Now once the shelter in place began, COVID 19 now most of those, if not all have moved online. And so when they move online, you'll have an online zoom meeting where they all meet, you know, weekly to, to meet each other and start growing the trust. That's really necessary for building a referral relationship.


Adam:   Okay, makes sense?


Jamie:   Yeah, definitely. Yeah.


Adam:   So that's probably your first, if you're looking to grow your business. Right now I'm working, looking to work on your business joining or at least visiting those local online groups now is a great way to do so. So because right, right now if you're just sitting on your couch, it's much better if you're sitting in front of your computer and trying to meet other business owners who are also in the same situation as you because you can be, they can become your emotional support. They can also become referral partners to you. So it's great to go to those meetings, build trust, and then build your business. Got it. Okay. All right. So are you familiar with zoom?


Jamie:   Very familiar. Very familiar.


Adam:   All right, me too. So when you use zoom, what's your number one tip? Jamie, what do you think?


Jamie:   Stand up straight. Pay attention.


Jamie:   That's a good one. Now when you're not, are you standing like I'm far away from the camera. You said up straight. Okay. Sit up straight for the second year.


Adam:   Second year, cheeks. Everybody. Perfect. Now. Yeah, those are good ones. When you meet, when you go on the go on these zoom meetings, especially in a large group, you'll notice right away at the beginning, it's a free for all, you know, it's whoever speaks the loudest that gets the attention. So my opinion is you just sit back, you think about, okay, if I'm only given a short, really short time, like 30 seconds to speak, or even less, what makes me different? What can I do? What can I say in that 30 seconds that people will remember? And that makes me different. Just in case there is another say, you know, you're a handyman. If there's another handyman in the group, what makes you different from every other handyman? So what's your specialty? So that way it's an easy way to say to remember that guy you know, builds a gazebo or basically what may, I don't know what makes like every handymen different cause they're pretty handy.


Adam:   It's in the title. But I know for me I was in a networking meeting a couple of days ago where we, we invited only people, other marketing people. And one of the biggest mistakes that I saw was that the, with so many of the people in the same industry, they, a lot of what they said was the same. So we build social media, we do Facebook, we do Google. So that for them meant that their message was lost. So for me it was really easy because I could say we were all here. We all know what the Google three pack is. Getting businesses into the Google local three pack means more phone calls and more business. That's what we specialize in and that's how you can refer us. So it was really, really relevant and really different. Even though a lot of the other marketing people, they kind of know maybe how to do that. They don't really know cause it takes a lot of training to do it and a lot of education, but we do and that, so that's what, that's what was why what I said was our differentiating factor. Nice. Okay. Yeah, there you go. So some more zoom tips. So we did kind of like a little survey about, among my friends one don't put the camera down by your crotch.


Adam:   It's really uncomfortable for the people who on the other side of that camera cause they're looking right into your nose.


Jamie:   Oh, okay. So you're saying, not pointed out your crotch, but pointing up in your head.


Adam:   Thank you. I did not say point. I said anyway. Yes. What do you think? Here? Give me a, give me one of yours.


Jamie:   Oh my gosh. How about no eating during the call?


Adam:   Oh, good one. Obviously. Yeah, eating that's a big one. We all know that, that, yeah, it happens. But don't do that. The other one is don't attend the meeting on your phone. So meaning if you're going to attend the meeting attended, don't be driving don't have your phone, you know, your photo turned off and then go, Oh, can you hear me? It's, it's really disrespectful to everyone there who's taking the time. It's not like you had to travel to get to this thing. So take the time, make the time and, you know, dress up. Don't act like you're on the phone. How about you? Give me another one.


Jamie:   So many, so many. It's a universal list, but I don't say be professional, you know, show up on time. You know, you're called be ready to talk. You know, all those kinds of things that seem like a no brainer. But everyone has to be reminded of you know, turn off your cell phone, right? You know, that kind of stuff. That seems very a no brainer ish that you kind of have to remind everyone, every single zoom call,


Adam:   I have another one. Make sure that everyone in your neighborhood is not connecting to your wifi network because if that happens, then your voice will cut out. You'll no one will understand you and everyone will be turned off it. There's nothing worse than some choppy gut, and that's what makes me different. So you just wasted everybody's time. So make sure that your internet is actually working. You know, there, there's tools that you can use to check. Just check my internet speed. A zoom has them too, so make sure that that's taken care of. Got it. All right.


Jamie:   I have my last one.

Adam:   Oh, okay. Go ahead.

Jamie:   Put a sign next to your webcam that says you are on camera. So we're like, you know, if a radio station says on air, okay. The same thing because it's never fun when someone takes a video of you and you're picking your nose, you know, animated gifs for the entire internet.

Adam:   Yes. Be careful. Understand that you are on camera. Okay. That one. And I'm on the fence about this one, the last one that I wanted to talk about. And that's your background. So with zoom you can choose different backgrounds and it can get really distracting. And you know, you can make a little movie. I, I'm on the fence. I don't know. So for me I definitely do have if I'm going to be talking about this podcast or something like that, I'd have like a podcast hour graphic behind me and, but yeah, I'm, I'm more, I guess I'm more of the purist, you know, it's, it can get distracting.

Adam:   Well, if you're going to make the space, you know, you've got to invest in a light, you know, you can't, if the light can't be horrible, you know, you've got to present a good image. So a wall is fine. I have a assault lamp. Well, you ha, you can have a, a wall. You can have a bookcase, whatever you feel gives you a good image. You just don't want to have, you know, your dirty laundry behind you. So, you know, present the space. I like lighting the space correctly. So when I do a zoom call, I have my salt lamp on. So the salt lamp, an orange light it kinda softens the room a little. I know. It's crazy. It's a salt lamp.

Jamie:   How about this? The other funny one that we saw the other day, someone had their bong in the background.


Adam:   Probably you don't want your bong in the background unless you're in the CBD industry and you're talking, no, I guess not. But you want to, you know, take care of the background. I'm on the fence, like I said, about using a background or not, eh, it just seems a little, I dunno, phony or I don't know. Disingenuous. I like being honest and transparent. This is my office. It's great. It's clean. You know, this is how we do business. Nice. That's all. That's all I got for today.

Jamie:   Well that sounds great. Some great, great, super relevant, super useful information. That's what the, one of the best things about local SEO and 10 just so you know last week's topic was listicles and I put together, I dunno, like 10 different listicles. And so this week I will definitely work on my zoom presence and everyone else should too. I'll make sure to share this podcast out with your people in BNI or the tip or trust Garrity or chamber of commerce so they also can get the benefit of this podcast. Dude,


Adam:   Great. Thanks a lot. Everybody have a great week.