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As indicated by Yelp, Horrible administration from the proprietor. We've attempted to respect her to the area over the recent years. I exited today without requesting. She must be the grumpiest, unpleasant entrepreneur. I comprehend she possesses a 7-11 in Pleasant Hill as well. She left the back this evening. I'm remaining there. I grinned and stated, "Hello! How's it hanging with you?" Her reaction, "Fine". Harsh and furious face. Whatever, I thought. "I'd like to arrange a medium flimsy outside layer, 1/2 Hawaiian...." She intrudes, "Don't have medium slim covering". She doesn't grin, see me, state, "Sorry", or make pleasant. Just hurls her arm to point to the sign, which (sorry) I didn't peruse among the entire mass of signage.


You know its fine not to make a medium dainty outside. I would have completely requested a vast, however her frame of mind and conduct was simply discourteous and monstrous. Zero cordiality. Zero client administration. Zero administration recuperation. This spot transformed from the more established person who sold it. He had the friendliest staff. Pizzas were liberal and he (and staff) genuinely valued supporter's matter of fact.

We will never be back. We'll cast a ballot with our dollars and give the business to another. You should offer it, lady. Escape people in general on the off chance that you can't put on a grin and demonstrate that you welcome the matter of others. You surely don't have a place in a pleasant region, for example, his with your awful demeanor. What's more, hauling your children into work in the wake of terminating the majority of different laborers.

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