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All About Concord, California 

Updated for 2020

Concord is Contra Costa County's largest city, California. The city had 122,067 inhabitants. At the 2010 census making it the eighth-largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area. Founded by Salvio Pacheco in 1869 as the Todos Santos band, the name was changed to Concord in a matter of months. The city is a major regional East Bay suburban hub within the San Francisco Bay Area, situated 47 kilometers (29 miles) east of San Francisco.





The neighborhood at the Monument is like no other home to a diverse culinary scene. It's the mecca for authentic burritos, tacos, tortas and more with more than five Mexican markets and a dozen Mexican restaurants! Rachel Dunn Chocolates, Target, several manufacturing stores, and automotive repair shops are also home to it!



The vibrant city of Concord is packed with people all day long. Concord's several restaurants and local businesses are home to the square, also known as Todos Santos Plaza. Coffee shops, beer centers, ice cream shops and a variety of restaurants make the square one of Concord's places to visit. Downtown also has a Bart station, home to large corporations such as Bevmo, Wells Fargo and more.



Midtown is Concord's hidden gem. Everywhere new businesses, restaurants and more are beginning to pop up, making it the new place to be. Running along Clayton Road's busy streets, Midtown Concord also has many churches, hotels and affordable living spaces such as apartments and townhouses. The Midtown District's new popular businesses include Mona's Burgers, Concord Tap House, and Dunkin Donuts.



The Diamond Boulevard is Concord's shopping mecca. The surrounding area is home to the Veranda Shopping Center, the Willows Shopping Center and the Sunvalley Mall. Clothing, home goods and beauty shops fill these shopping centers. There's also a lot of new restaurants with Mexican, American, Asian and more cuisines to choose from.



The Concord Pavilion is a concert venue from downtown Concord, about 6 miles down the road. The outdoor venue can hold up to 12,500 people and is used for a variety of events including graduations, music festivals including competitions. There are many homes in the vicinity of the site, a versatile casual dining and shopping scene, and open space for hiking, biking, and more.


Concord, California has a ton of amazing locations to see:

  • Concord Naval Weapons Station 

  • Baldwin Community Park and the Concord Senior Center

  • Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps

  • Buchanan Field Airport

  • Camp Concord

  • Concord Pavilion

  • Concord Skatepark

  • Dave Brubeck Park

  • Don Francisco Galindo House


All of these wonderful landmarks are located just a short drive from our location near Downtown Walnut Creek, California on Locust Street. Stop by for a visit anytime!

All About Concord, California
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