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Invite the entire gang to have a pool party that everyone will enjoy. Pleasant Hill Aquatic Park has 2 swimming pools and a Spraygound! The Dive Pool is 25 yards long, 6-lane, 3.5-10.5 feet deep, with 2 boards of diving. The training pool has four 20-yard lanes, with a depth of 3.5-4 feet.  The facility has changing rooms with showers and toilets and two bbq picnic areas on the lawn area off the deck of the pool. 


Pleasant Hill Aquatic Park is open from April to October for programs such as swimming lessons, swimming-clinics, water aerobics, water walking, lifeguard training and special events such as Underwater Egg Hunt, Pumpkin Splash and more!  Memorial Day-Labor Day is available for public swimming.


Pleasant Hill Aquatic Park is available for April-October private pool parties and picnic rentals are available during Memorial Day-Labor Day, public swimming hours.


Pool facility: 


Location and parking is easy (the shaded playground next door is a plus), but typically there's no one manning the front so primarily, you can walk in, go through either locker-room and then find a seat along the shaded edges around the pool and then wait until your scheduled lesson. It's a bit odd initially, but once you get into a routine it's really rather efficient. The locker-rooms are very few and the showers work just fine and the water temperature is most of the time lukewarm. The bathroom is mainly functional. Our advice: Always make your little one use the bathroom before their lesson.


When your child's lesson time starts, someone in the lifeguard area will make an announcement and this is really the only moment to talk to anyone. Your child needs to wear their swimming attire (don’t forget to wear goggles as well) and ready to jump in right at the lesson time because there's no orientation or a little introduction at all.




There are 4 different instructors and every one of them has been able to balance the child’s swimming experience by pushing the students’ to develop new skills. Your child will definitely like all the instructors here. In a typical 8 lesson set, 1-2 lessons will be with a substitute. But again, all the instructors (w/ subs, we have seen 7 overall) are all great teachers. The swimming experience will help the child socially, to deal with new teachers and styles so it's both a plus and negative.


The pool is closed to the public during lesson times so there are fewer distractions (and much less can typically hear the vocal exchanges between your child and instructor during their lesson). This also means the locker-rooms are typically empty. Also, there's a lifeguard along with multiple other instructors in the pool so safety was never a concern for both the child and the parent.


When the lesson ends, there's maybe 1 minute to get quick feedback from the instructor, so take advantage of this opportunity. 

Pleasant Hill Aquatic Park
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