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Lindsay Wildlife Experience, formerly known as the Lindsay Wildlife Museum, is a family museum and wildlife rehabilitation center located in Walnut Creek, California. Lindsay is the first wildlife hospital to be established in the United States, and a popular family museum in the San Francisco East Bay Area. 


The institution’s mission is “To connect people with wildlife to inspire responsibility and respect for the world we share”. They do this by saving the lives of animals with the aim of returning hospital patients to the wild, and by providing guests with special, up-close encounters with our animal ambassadors.Their community also has a vision statement:

 Vibrant and healthy habitats for wildlife throughout California. Both are achievable through the guidance of our carefully crafted Strategic Initiatives.


The museum features a number of California wildlife exhibits, specimens of natural history, and a special theater offering a view of one of the hospital's many wildlife treatment rooms. More than 5,000 wounded, sick, or orphaned wild animals are treated annually by the rehabilitation center — still among the largest in the country.


The Museum's Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital receives more than 5,000 native wild animal patients from California every year. The hospital is a pioneer in wildlife rehabilitation, and many of the country's standard protocols have been developed here. Hospital staff and volunteers treat animals that have been poisoned, struck by automobiles, fell from trees during trimming, and injured by other often human-related activities. 


They also take care of orphaned young people, both on-site and in the homes of specially trained volunteers. After being treated, the animal is released back to the wild. If he can not be released safely, he may join the museum as a resident "animal ambassador." Since many animals brought to the hospital are cat-caught, the museum strongly encourages visitors to keep their cats indoors.


Their Adopt an Animal program lets people symbolically adopt their favorite animal and support the mission of Lindsay to connect people with wildlife to inspire responsibility and respect for the world we share.


Lindsay guests are very important people, and it is their pleasure to offer V.I.Peek Encounters to our guests. Guests will meet some of their animal ambassadors in a wonderful, up-close way. These encounters are wonderful gifts for individuals and are great for school groups of all ages. Each V.I.Peek has a combination of animal feed, behavioral training, or practical experience.

This amazing landmark is located near the following must-see sights in Pleasant Hill, California:

  • Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord

  • Briones Regional Park 

  • Pleasant Hill Park

  • Frank Salfingere Park

  • Grand Casino

  • Rodgers-Smith Park

  • Dinosaur Hill Park

  • Pleasant Hill BART Station

All of these wonderful attractions are located just a short drive from our location near Downtown Walnut Creek, California on Locust Street. Stop by for a visit anytime!

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