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Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District (Rec & Park) is an administrative district of the City of Pleasant Hill and other government agencies. Rec & Park is governed by the Public Resources Code of the State of California and by an elected board of directors setting district policy. Rec & Park was founded by people who wanted recreational opportunities and park facilities in their neighborhood in 1951. Rec & Park currently offers and manages extensive District-owned parks, facilities, open space, and community-wide recreation programs and events. Michelle Lacy, General Manager, is responsible for all Rec & Park activities.


Pleasant Hill Park has an amazing view and meet some nice people in the neighborhood. Little slice of heaven, indeed! You can spend many evenings and weekend morning just walking, just feeling safe. No matter your fitness level you can definitely enjoy some outdoor time here.


This place is simply awesome! If you are looking for a great outdoor adventure, this is the right place to visit! You would love to go here with your family and friends. Great for working out, or even a picnic under the shade. It's a lovely park for everyone to have a great time.   


Pleasant Hill Park would be your first choice to appreciate nature or just stroll along peacefully when you’re already bored staying at your home. There are many different ways to enter the park. Nevertheless, the park isn't as packed as a lot of people you expect it to be. A lot of the picnickers here are friendly and polite. To top it all, the scenery from this local regional park is just amazing.


A wonderful location for anyone that just wants to get away for a little bit and doesn't want to drive far away for some nature. You would definitely be coming back and explore the other areas of Pleasant Hill park!




  • Baseball / Softball Diamond

  • Basketball Court

  • Community Gardens

  • Picnic Shelters

  • Picnic Tables

  • Playground




  • Softball diamond

  • 3 reservable picnic areas

  • 1 open picnic areas

  • Basketball court

  • 2 children's playgrounds

  • Community gardens

Pleasant Hill Park
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