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This park of 4.5 acres is ideal for picnics, family gatherings, and barbecues! The park provides barbecue picnic area, softball/sports field, sand volleyball court, paved basketball court and lighted bocce courts.


Rodgers-Smith Park is part of the Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District and is located on Grayson Road (off Taylor). Although the Park is easily visible off this busy road, it's also kind of off the beaten path and is definitely a "Hidden Gem". And so much so that when you stopped by today, a Pleasant Hill Police Officer was parked in one of the driveways ready to pounce on passing speeders.


Not only is it hidden but it is huge!  There is a slosh ball field, volleyball with net and sand, bocce ball courts, and basketball courts. The play area for kids even has a geometric type cover over the tall play structure for shade.  There are two play areas one for big kids and one for little kids.


Plenty of picnic tables and a covered picnic area for parties. You can rent the seating and BBQ area for any type of celebration.  Don't forget if you want alcohol you have to get a special permit first before bringing it inside the vicinity.  


It is a great outdoor area for a birthday party, reunion or a small wedding ceremony. Anyone would definitely love this park. From the great shady play structure and lots of room to use. To the sand with working water to get messy in. Great baseball field with grass to throw the tennis ball where your dogs will enjoy playing catch. There is a nice sized sand volleyball court to play in as well with your close friends. 


As a whole, it’s a great quiet smallish neighborhood park.  It is mostly locals and has a quiet vibe. Not much shade in summer so the park is best for a cooler day.  If you have kids they would love the water/sand area and of course the structure. Much more mellow than the nearby Pleasant Hill Park which is also fun but very busy.

Rodgers-Smith Park
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