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As indicated by Yelp, I work in San Francisco, so have gone to the Specialty's that are there. The nourishment is great and their treats are delightful, so when I discovered one was opening by my home I was energized. In the wake of going there a couple of times I was less energized.


I generally go for accommodation and Peet's espresso that is served there, in any case, everything about this spot is horrible. When they previously opened, colleagues would be behind the counter eating and after that getting orders together for clients. You are serving sustenance, for what reason would you say you are eating and after that not washing your hands?!?

Requests more often than not are erroneous and the staff isn't neighborly... at some point, I requested my beverage with just two beverages in front of mine, and some way or another the four beverages that were requested AFTER me were made before mine before the woman making the beverages requested that somebody make mine. I missed my BART train along these lines.


Presently, I generally get something very similar and I like whipped cream so I request additional. I went this past Friday and THEY WERE OUT OF WHIPPED CREAM...thankfully I was discounted, anyway I was confounded with respect to how an espresso place comes up short on whipped cream...anyways I went the next monday and as im requesting a man of his word that could be a chief goes to the clerk and says, "to make sure you realize we are out of whipped cream, cold brew,..." and he recorded some other stuff. Whoever is dealing with this spot needs to either step their authority abilities up and procure another staff or retrain OR they need new administration. How would you maintain a business when you are out of everything?

I work in client administration and I oversee in client administration conditions, and I know how clients SHOULD be dealt with and that it is so essential to have everything in stock at all times...its the fundamentals!

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