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As indicated by Yelp, Anna... doesn't have any acquaintance with her hours. Evidently the eating in hours wasn't in her rundown of stresses. Got there at about 10:30, a half hour before they shut the entryway and I thumped on the entryway since it was kept - all of a sudden, absolutely startling.

Presently obviously Anna, a "supervisor" chooses to give me frame of mind about setting off to the drive-through where unmistakably the hours are posted at the entryway directly before her face. I disclosed to her forthright this isn't right and you should proceed with activities in the anteroom until Taco Bell in this area says as much. I didn't welcome that encounter at all and it certainly was uncalled for regardless of whether Anna is a supervisor. You don't affront your clients and your store approach with shutting, by what method would that be able to occur? Perhaps Anna needs to venture down to a group part and figure out how a café functions.

Presently Christopher rolled in from another area I'm almost certain Lafayette and he wasn't satisfied either with Anna. Clearly from what I got notification from him is that Anna does this much of the time... How is this woman not terminated? Taco Bell you made some rectify up to do!


Toward the night's end, I was in any event given a little regard when Christopher didn't charge me for what I requested. Anna not at the store possibly on the grounds that her work day was finished. Yet, out of unadulterated sureness, I won't come back to this area for appalling client administration took care of when I initially arrived

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