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As per Yelp, At $5.95 for a sandwich and soft drink, why out it an attempt? This little nourishment stand popped a couple of days back, arranged behind the Bart ticket machines, and is obviously an augmentation of the concession/nibble store nearby. They serve an assortment of lunch passage: burgers, kabobs, gyros, calzones, even some veggie lover benevolent sustenance as well, and can take arranges by telephone.

I attempted the meat kabob sandwich for my first attempt. It most likely took around 5-7 minutes to make, however I came around 1:30 when nobody was near and they evidently closed down the flame broil so needed to flame it back up. The person who served my kabob had a few issues wrapping it, yet he'll likely get that down in the long run. I need to state that since I watched him remove it from the barbecue, the wrap looked disappointingly little (I completed it in the time it went for to stroll back to work). All things considered, in any event there was practically some meat in each chomp. It certainly accompanies genuine sirloin steak - and keeping in mind that the surface was there, the flavor wasn't exactly there, and was fairly intense, and possibly a touch gamey. The cucumbers and tomatoes showered with yogurt sauce were likely its best piece. All things considered, I'll most out different alternatives a go after my next go-around. Nourishment alternatives around this territory stink, and are far more atrocious after 1:30 (this spot remains open till 2:30, as per their flyer).

The soft drink determination was somewhat discouraging also, just pepsi, sierra mist - I surmise, one gets what one pays for.

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