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To set up our camp, it took at least 40 civic groups, private companies, schools and individuals. Camp Concord is nestled between the magnificent shores of Lake Tahoe and the soothing beauty of Fallen Leaf Lake, high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Camp Concord is committed to the concept of being consistent with the surrounding environment with its houses, programs, and participants. Through ensuring a minimal impact and striving towards a waste-free environment, the camp will ensure that all aspects of Camp Concord remain in accordance with the climate.


There are a number of events and activities available at Camp Concord as well as private group rentals.




Super affordable way to have a vacation in South Lake Tahoe! The camp feels like it's in the middle of nowhere, nestled among the forest. But, it's only a ten-minute drive to town and about a fifteen-minute drive to the Emerald Bay viewpoint.


The camp staff is friendly and the cabins are clean and spacious considering how tiny they are. The dining hall is just lovely and the menu is better than expected. You can eat from the following choices - ribs, grilled corn, pulled pork, fresh fruit, salad, steamed veggies, pancakes, sausage, eggs and a lot more!


If you’re a first-timer in this camp you might experience a little confusion on their meal rules. For example, there is a large calendar with the schedule for each day, including mealtimes. You might miss lunch because they make sack lunches at 10:30 am for an off-site trip, so always make sure to check their lunch schedule and be early on the pantry. Also, if you're a coffee drinker, pay attention to the calendar. In their schedule, the coffee would be available at 7 am in the morning, so take note of it. 


We highly recommend getting a tour after you check-in. During your tour, let the staff know what activities you don't plan on participating in so that you can learn how that might affect your access to meals.


If you have a child that takes naps during the day, please know that the cabins are sweltering, even with the fan on.  Another reminder would be, avoid driving into town or anywhere on a weekend. Traffic is a nightmare. So, plan any off-site trips during the weekdays and spend the weekend enjoying the view at the campsite.


There is a lovely deck with shade and tables for outdoor dining. The game room is a nice place to retreat when it's too hot to do outdoor activities. The shower and restroom facilities were clean and adequate. There is also a very cute playground onsite, right near the cabins! 


It's really hot during the day and super cold at night. So, just have warm clothing or blankets to layer on as the night cools down.


Overall, you will enjoy each moment in the camp with your family. It is a great place to relax, do sightseeing and have fun activities with your loved ones. 

Camp Concord
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