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significantly appreciated this Thai café in downtown walnut creek. Went on a Saturday around 1 and it wasn't full. Space is completely ravishing. Everything was astutely set in the café and the apparatuses were wonderful. The originator worked admirably making an intriguing environment.

Concerning the nourishment it was additionally superb! I had the Lao hotdog hors d'oeuvre. It was wonderfully plated and tasted new. The segments were expansive as well! For my dinner, I had the cushion thai and my mother had the garlic pepper chicken I accept. We both especially making the most of our dishes. This spot is unquestionably pricier than most Thai spots, yet I think you are truly giving for the colossal consideration to detail that has gone into each dish. The nourishment quality is additionally incredible.


What flabbergasted me the most was the mixed drink. I trust it was the Thailander. The server took a while to make it. I think it was moderately new for her which was fine, yet that mixed drink was absolutely delightful. It was ideal for individuals who don't care for sweet mixed drinks yet additionally ideal for individuals who don't care for the flavor of liquor. A group pleaser without a doubt. I would return here for an extravagant supper! It wouldn't be all the time due to the higher than typical cost however I would profoundly prescribe giving it a shot. You won't be disillusioned.

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