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Decent climate, extraordinary servers, great nourishment at a decent cost.

A touch of exhortation to anybody eating here: Get the meat stew! It's a little dish however simply overflowing with flavor, and the meat pieces are so delicate. We spent over $100 on supper and this was by a wide margin our preferred thing. You may likewise need to consider including a side of rice in light of the fact that there is so much tasty juice you won't have any desire to give up to waste.

I likewise altogether appreciated the cucumber with crab cerebrums. In the event that you like exceptional maritime flavors like uni or crab heads, you'll appreciate this invigorating however ground-breaking dish.

Likewise had:

- Sashimi omakese (cook's decision of sashimi). The sashimi was crisp yet this didn't emerge contrasted with their other, increasingly one of a kind contributions. Side note: Did you realize that the fresher sashimi is, the less flavor it really has?


- Chef's decision of 5 meat sticks. Accompanied hearts, liver, chicken thighs, chicken meatball, and chicken wings. Alright yet not incredible. As I frequently state, chicken when all is said in done must be so great. I'd suggest avoiding any of these specific sticks and going with all the more intriguing ones on the menu.

- Fatty toro tartare. This was generally excellent, particularly on the off chance that you appreciate tartare. We requested this toward the end, and I understood something light like this is presumably best delighted in before on before eating the heavier kinds of cooked dishes.

- Grilled hamachi jaw. Astounding flame broiled taste, with more meat than first appearances recommend.

- Grilled rice ball. We just arranged these to absorb the juices of the hamburger stew. DH couldn't have cared less of the flame broiled flavor however that is an individual inclination. All things considered, only a side of standard rice would have presumably served us better.

Generally, an incredible feast with mindful administration. For the quality and uniqueness of the nourishment, I was expecting more expensive rates than we really paid. I would def get the meat stew and crab minds again and explore different avenues regarding their other strength contributions.

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